No unification - what do you think?

I learned of this yesterday morning and was VERY disappointed. Had started looking at some ACGME residencies (was only looking at dually accredited before). One of the problems with going to an ACGME program as a DO is that you will not be able to be licensed as a DO unless you get an exception granted to count your first year as the required DO internship, or DO an extra internship year prior to going into the ACGME program. Now I’m back to looking at getting the exception if I want to go to an MD school. Grrr.

Think it would have been great.


I’m disappointed too, but I really thought it was a long shot when it was announced last year.

I still have to figure out my strategy regarding residencies. Have to get myself adjusted to 3rd year first. I’m sure I’ll be bugging you Kate for tips etc.


I thought it was a long shot as well. Perhaps in seven years when I’m there they might have worked out the kinks. Me thinks they won’t…

Very disappointing for program directors as well. For DOs going into family medicine, please remember that the majority of US programs are dually accredited. I think several more will be pursuing dual accreditation now that the initiative is off the table.


I’ll give an opposite perspective. I didn’t like when they announced the merger. My thought is - if you are going to unify the post-graduate medical education, then merge the medical education.

As long as there are two schools of thought, two degrees, then there should be two accreditation bodies, two distinct requirements/objectives for residencies.

I understand that with dual accreditation residency programs it’s basically the same thing already…but that is different that one accreditation body.

Doc, you’re correct. With the exception of a few procedures and OMT clinics, the residency curriculum for FM is basically the same for DOs and MDs. The accreditation process is the problem. It’s a complicated, time-consuming duplication of effort that eats up resources and takes away from resident education. Anything to simplify the process would have been a welcome change.