Non-trad and working as an MD/DO after residency

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering how difficult it was for any non-trads (hopefully over 40) completed medical school, residency, then actually found work afterwards. I’m not sure that I have seen anyone mention being able to find a job after to pay the huge amount of debt after all the torture. I guess it’s one thing to be able to do the schooling, but how is it afterwards?

I look forward to hearing the highs and lows from anyone.

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it will not be hard to find a job. trust me. i had an interview and the next morning a contract sent to me. once you get to your last year of residency, recruiters will be emailing you left and right. and of course, the more need there is the higher the pay. for example, a hospitalist on the east coast can start at about 175k but in the midwest, they can start at 250k with moving allowance and sign on bonus. some places even have loan repayment plans.

Hey guys am new to this site. I just stumbled on this site today. I am about to turn 47 years and I am beginning my 4th of year of osteopathic medical school. I am thinking of anesthesia because I love critical care but I am afraid that I may not have a chance with the younger candidate as programs may wonder if I am worth investing in? Any advice? Also, does anybody know of any resources to help edit and review residency statement of purpose? Thank you all.

I think Dr. Lerman gave me revitalized hope. Also, other than some typical game playing around private loans, school reps, and private lenders, for private medical schools, they still do give out loans to older students. I must assume that means they can pay them back or they would not write them. That being said, they also seem to assume work is available. I am quite certain Americans enjoy seeing other Americans show up for this demanding work, and some of us know the older generation and do not see them as the enemy. If that makes sense to you?

Late to this, but really I am being practically stalked for jobs. Get about 4 phone calls a week and about 5 emails/day asking me to consider some place for working after residency. Plenty of work out there :slight_smile: