Ok Im 47 years old seriously going back to take premed class this fall

I have been contemplating of going to medical school and I can’t get rid of this thinking. Now I finally want to give in to it. I don’t feel old and I know I can do this. Here I come medical school in 2 years hopefully.

Welcome, Lirazel!

You’ll find lots of like-minded folks here on OPM!


Welcome aboard the crazy train!! Toot, toot!! Get er done!!!

Welcome! I’m an RN and many of my friends just can’t seem to understand why not just become an ARNP or a CRNA? After all I’d get to spend more time with my family and make good money with less student debt and less responsibility. For me, its having the opportunity to learn what physicians know about the human body and diseases (no ARNP/PA program could fully satisfy this); its having the chance to properly assess, diagnose, and treat a patient then see the fruits of your labor. If I’d win the lottery, you better believe I’d still be crazy enough to become a doctor.