old dawg willing to learn

Hi, im new to thi game. Im 44 years of age and going thru my pre reqs in the hopes of DO school in Wv. I have quite a few challenges to overcome.

1st my age when I get to DO school, I will be like 50 or so and secondly, I have a neuro muscular condition that limits my ability to walk correctly. Some encouraging words would be appreciated.



Brett -

Looking at MY school! Yay! I hope you are a WV resident (due to the in-state tuition advantage). If not, move here and start paying taxes a year before ACCEPTANCE (not admission).

I started at 53, and I have some standing and walking issues due to several factors causing some nerve compression. Can do it, just hurts if I do it for any length of time. My issue is pain whereas yours, as I understand it, is weakness. My guess is that it should not affect your acceptance or abilities the first 2 years. The question is what adjustments can be made for your rotations. I’ve been working on some plans with my doc to try to help me with the things I expect to be difficult – it should be possible to have some “workarounds” for you as well. I’d be happy to share whatever info I can.

Oh, there’s another student in my class with a much more severe mobility issue affecting her walking -pretty marked limp and some foot drop, and asymmetric gait but she seems to be doing well. You’ll find the school to be very supportive on the whole.

Glad you found us.


Hey olddawg,

One of the attendings at my hospital has a condition that makes it challenging for him to walk, and he is a ROCK STAR. Don’t let that worry you one bit. It’s what you do for your patients and how you treat your coworkers, not how you walk.

Good luck!

olddawg -

Also my uncle had a long and illustrious career in medicine despite having had polio as a teen and having persistant damage to one leg. The last 10 years he was in practice he used a “scooter” to get from car to building and between buildings but a cane inside, and was still able to maintain his practice.


One of the best doctors in my clinic is a stroke victim with hemiplegia and walks with a cane! Sally forth!

Thanks to all who responded to my thread. I am really looking forward to DO school. Its baby steps right now, but im not giving up.

Thanks again everyone