Opening practice/establishing ins contracts

I am trying to find out if a physician (MD) can obtain insurnace contract agreements/credentialing if he is on a probationary status. If so, are there any limitations because of his probationary status?

His license is active, he is currently practicing with a group, and he can bill for his services. He wants to open his own practice but wants to know what his options are. He is not board certified yet but is board eligible. Or, where can I find out this information?

Can anyone suggest where to begin the process of establishing insurance agreements? What are the best resources out there?

Is it worth hiring a practice management compnay to handle this and the set up?

Responses to any of these questions would be helpful. Thanks!

For heavens sake before talking to a practice management group and shelling out big bucks, I suggest talking to an independent medical malpractice insurance agent.

When I was a nurse-midwife I had wonderful service from a company at this website: thru Israel Tietelbaum (I see he is now the president). Could call, ask to speak with him, describe what I was wanting coverage for, and he could find me a company that covered that (not always easy as a nurse-midwife). Of course his physician’s practice is bigger. Found him or (occasionally) another agent in the office more than willing to talk on the phone and answer questions regarding what kind of coverage was available, necessary, or feasible. I suggest starting there.


There is actually a credentialing “clearinghouse” called CAQH that we use. Once you are in their system, insurance companies access it, look at your amount of credential and experience and decide if they will “board” you or not. In NYS in my profession, there are 4 levels of credential. All insurance companies will board you for the top credential, however there are various insurance companies that will pay for the other “levels” of the credential and some will even pay for the degree with no license or credential ( Makes me say WTF?). But they make their decision based on what they find out about you in CAQH. It also makes a difference if the facility you work for is JCHAO certified or not…they weigh that in. I have had a private practice before and NEVER will again. The billing and payment piece is a nightmare, the long hours to make ends meet are ridiculous, the overhead is SO high, and there is nothing like shelling out 2500.00 a month for your own health insurance. After the first year, I went back to being an employee somewhere - infinitely easier - stress wise, budget wise, time wise, and health wise. Just my two cents.