opinions on VCOM?

I was very impressed with VCOM in Blacksburg, VA on a recent visit. Does anyone have any experience with this school?

After looking at a number of programs in the PA/WV/VA area, I found that I am really excited about VCOM and I wondered if anyone could give me any information about their experiences. I would be looking to attend in 2012. I’ve looked at feedback on SDN but I wanted opinions from non-trads like me.

A bit about me: I’m non-trad with a spouse and child. I’ve been working in science for a number of years.

I liked what I read about them, but thought my getting in was a longshot b/c they seemed pretty region specific.

  • BaileyPup Said:
I liked what I read about them, but thought my getting in was a longshot b/c they seemed pretty region specific.

I certainly hope Maryland is in that "region".

Quoted directly from the OMCIB:

“VCOM seeks to admit a portion of the class from qualified applicants based in Va., SC, NC and the Appalachian Region. (The Appalachian regions consists of rural and underserved areas of Ala., Ga., Ky., Md., Miss., NY., OH, Penn, Tenn and WVU).”

I live in Louisville KY so I passed. There were plenty of other in my 10 that I felt would be a better shot for me, but like I said I really thought a lot of the school. They have a cool lab that simulates car and plane crashes.


Sorry, I don’t know your story but are you going to school this fall?

I’m from PA and Blacksburg, VA is a convenient location for me. My husband will have a PhD and can do a post-doc at VTech.

I guess I am just a bit worried based on the some of the criticism on SDN of VCOM. I am very science-oriented and I am kind of terrified about closing the door on doing research forever. It is completely understandable to me that most osteopathic schools focus on primary care in rural, underserved communities (I love this about them) but in the back of my head, I worry going to a school like this will change me forever away from any research. Maybe it is because I have a graduate degree in science that took me too long to finish so I have a problem thinking that this may have been a waste of time…

Thanks for your thoughts.

Hi Telomerase

Well if you are interested in research, why not try the MD school at Virginia Tech Carilion("Medical School and Research Institute). I have heard that they were non-trad friendly and are keen to accept students who want to enter “academic medicine” with a background in research. This is also a new school, so I don’t think it is as competitive as others to get into(although they accept only 40 or 50 students or so every year, so it is rather a small class, and by definition, the competition to enter any med school is fierce).

Or perhaps have you decided not to apply to MD schools all together?

I don’t know much about DO schools and research, but MD schools (especially state schools) are usually good places for research and medicine. But this is what I know and I don’t know everything for sure.

Note however that V Tech Carilion is not a state school and tuition fees are not low (but not higher than most).

I am applying right now for the fall of next year.

I hadn’t really seen much bad about VCOM on SDN. The only one I see really trashed is RVU.

When I interviewed at VCOM one of the faculty who interviewed me was a PhD and we discussed the physiology research she was doing on diabetes. Don’t recall the details now, but there is medical research going on there and she talked about the opportunities for students to be involved in research, not only with the faculty of the medical school but also with Virginia Tech science faculty, I believe. You might call and talk with admissions with a question about opportunities for research.


This program is malignant as they say. As a student I expected that there would occasionally be students who did not like the school, but rarely if ever have I heard students here speak highly of it in any way. Mostly we tolerate it. Seriously consider reapplying to other schools next year if this is your only option this year. Too many of us wish we had. Poor faculty, few opportunities, crappy town. nuff said.

good luck