OPM YEAR 2008!

Okay guys start the list going (I hear a drumroll)

Well it's official I am going to be a doctor! Aggghhhhhhh!!! finally. I got the call today around 2:20 OMG! I was accepted to Mayo Medical College!!! then I got the call from Vanderbilt and U of KY. Holy cow! I am very very very happy and I am very happy. Good luck to all!

Let me be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS efex101!! Three in one day! I wonder if that is a record? That is great biggrin.gif.

Holy cow, what an amazing day!

Congrats, EXFEX!!!

Outstanding… now only 25 more acceptances to go!!!
Year 2009 (hopefull)

He he, nah I will be withdrawing applications from many schools…Good luck to all OPM'ers!

Efex, I am so thrilled for you!!! biggrin.gif I hope you are celebrating like there is no tomorrow. So, it’s gonna be Mayo for you, right?

So you are going to Mayo for sure??
Thats so great to hear. I hope I will be able to say soemthing like that some day.

Good Luck Doc!!

Congratulations EFEX!!! All your hard work is paying off!

I knew you were going to be accepted somewhere, but what a choice!! What a great example you are for those still waiting to hear or those who are looking forward to the process in the future!
Now, you go girl! Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate. . . and when your feet come back down to earth, hey, why not celebrate some more!

Starting a list he he…I am going to put down all my acceptances for future OPM'ers (so we know OPM friendly schools)
BJolly U of Maryland
efex101 (Mayo, Vandy, U KY as a non-resident)

Dear EFEX,
Hearty CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy for you. Hope all other applicants for this year's process also get into medical schools.
Great news! Keep the good job up all OPMers


Efex, that is fabulous! congratulations on getting into your #1 choice!!! biggrin.gif

Wow! Mayo!
THat is seriously wicked-good-news, and the pinnacle of all med schools!


WOW! I know you are on cloud nine! Congrats!
I know you will love Mayo Medical School!
I can’t wait to see you in Rochester.
Let me know if you need anything. Questions about schools, communitiy etc.
Celebrate! Celebrate! Celbrate! biggrin.gif
Add your acceptance at MSU COM to the list.

I believe it’s time to make this a top priority topic. smile.gif

I would just like to say…

YAY!!! Way to go EFEX!!!
I can’t wait to see the list grow even more with the awesome group of OPMers we have!

BJolly (U of Maryland)
DRD (celebrating somewhere he he insert school here)
efex101 (Mayo, Vandy, U KY as a non-resident)
Wendy (MSU COM)

I’m so freaked out I didn’t realize “class of 2008” applied to me!!! laugh.gif

BJolly U of Maryland
DRD (celebrating somewhere he he insert school here)
efex101 (Mayo, Vandy, U KY as a non-resident)
wmkayak (MSUCOM so far!)