Orgo prep question

I have 12 – count them, 12 – glorious weeks off and while I plan to spend some of it on the beach, I also want to do some prep for organic chem for next year.

What are some tips on what I can do to prepare? I know I need to reinforce certain concepts I’m shaky on from gen chem, but I’m looking for other people’s experiences. Start memorizing structures? Nomenclature? Something else? Thanks!

Here are my thoughts and comments. I’m no chemistry wiz, but I did well in organic.

  1. Review your acid/base chemistry. In particular , Lewis acids/bases. Virtually all of OChem is acid/base reactions, and understanding how electrons move in those reactions. Also, review how to draw/read Lewis structures.

  2. Review electron configuration, orbital hybridization, and bond angles. Being you’re dealing with carbon, you need to understand how it bonds in single, double and triple bond configurations.

  3. Review electronegativity trends. Memorize electronegativity numbers for: B,C,N,O,F,H,Cl,Br.

  4. Review intermolecular forces: hydrogen bonding, dipole-dipole forces, London dispersion.

  5. Review isomers, and get an understanding of constitutional isomerism vs spatial isomerism.

  6. Begin studying nomenclature. This will carry through all of your OChem and is based on the same foundation.

    If you’re feeling frisky, you can start looking into reactions of alkanes.

    Here are some resources to help you out: 09……

    Best of luck!

I agree with Bernard mostly, except I’d get “Organic Chemistry as a Second Language” part 1 drop-shipped from Amazon and start there. Use chemistry text to clarify anything you need more detail on. If you’ve done some practice in that book, the first few weeks should go well!


I agree with Kate. I was taking a compressed course (org I and II in 8 weeks) and that series saved me. At the very least, completely understand resonance before starting.


I’d suggest TBR MCAT Orgo 1 & 2 for review to “kill two birds with one stone”.

Thanks everyone! I don’t know when I’m not feeling frisky about chemistry, so these are all great tips.

I think I’ll just give myself until Monday before I start anything. It’s very weird not having to study today …