Just got my step 2 score and not only did I pass, but I did better than in step 1!!!

Had a residency interview today and they told me that they feel that I am a very good fit for their IM program!!!

Congratulations! You were freaking out a few weeks ago (even as an outsider - it’s easy to understand the pressure you were feeling) but glad things are going so well for you.

So cool! Time for celebration - wait, do you have that? Seriously, I am curious to know?

Great Gabe.

Happy for U. Enjoy, celebrate, sleep, eat and have fun with the family. Deserved.



That’s fabulous, Gabe!! Congratulations!!!





awesome news about the interview as well

Congrats on Step 2!!

Was that a slip about the IM program?

I have several IM interviews. and since I have been on ICU rotation, I really like Critical Care Medicine. In fact, the attending told me that I should not be in the ED but rather the ICU.

Ultimately, you have to decide where you think you will be the best fit. I had attendings in several specialties tell me I would be great in their specialty.

FWIW - if EM and critical care both float your boat, they have approved letting EM residency trained docs who then complete an IM critical care fellowship to become board certified in IM critical care. Previously, EM residency trained docs could do critical care fellowships, but not become board certified (at least from ABMS - you could sit for the European boards). So, don’t think that you can’t do critical care if you do an EM residency. In fact, I would guess that most EM residents do more critical care months during residency than the average IM resident (definitely the case at my program).

Received word that I also passed my PE exam, where I had to see 12 standardized patients and write charts on them. Now that I am totally done with COMLEX Step 2, I can get rid of my boards books. Making more room in my bookshelf.

Now to finish preparing for the next 4 interviews. 1 tomorrow and 3 in December. Hopefully there will be some more but we will soon see.

Match day is February 14th!!! After that, I can be sure that Senioritis will set in BIG TIME.

Congrats Gabe!!

Congratulations and good luck at the interviews. You are one step closer.

good work Gabe - keep us posted!