Anyone know of any good, entertaining podcasts?

I’ve been listening to Sawbones: a marital tour of misguided medicine. Husband and wife combo that talks about crazy topics from medical history, from treatment of specific diseases (past and present) to crazy doctors or wannabe doctors. They typically keep it light-hearted and comedic. The wife is an FP doc and the husband does the bit as the most medically uneducated guy in the world. Pretty good listening, makes the 50 minute drive to/from work go fast.

Sounds like fun!


Hey! I really like that one too! I also listen to EM basic, FOAMcast, and Surgery 101 to “study” as I drive. I listen to Freakonomics when I’m feeling like a break from medicine.

I can’t start my day without “Daily Boost”. It’s just a short 10minute daily show, but it puts me in the right frame of mind for the day. And of course “Medical School HQ”; which is more or less my audio pre-med advisor. Also “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” & “Good Job Brain” for entertaining current events and fun trivia.