Post-Bac Program requires 3.0 I have a 2.9

I have an overall 2.9 GPA and I want to apply to Duquesne’s post bac program. They require a 3.0, but I’m hoping I could convince them in my personal statement to accept me. I have extracurricular activities, hospital experiences, volunteer work, and achievements in my undergrad. Is it a waste of time to apply?

Before you spend any time (which will be a lot of time, believe me) on writing your personal statement etc, call the admission office and talk to them. Regardless of what you hear from us, it’s up to them. Only they can tell you if you stand a chance and what you should do to fix your application.


I would definitely follow the advice of Kasia. I’ve found Kasia’s advice helpful in the past, and I’m sure that you will find it helpful too!


I just finished up my post-bacc program, except for Organic Chem II lab this month. I’d suggest looking at (and perhaps applying to) more than one post-bacc program if possible.

I think the advice to talk to them is good.

Finally, the one thing they really want to know is can you do it, so you could take a science course at a local college/community college and do well, which

a. will demonstrate you can do well in a science course

b. help your GPA

If they allow you to, you might apply now AND take the course now.


Yea, I have to agree with the previous posters: A135, you need to talk to Duquesne University about your situation. While Duquesne offers a career changer premed program and a rehabilitative premed program, the following linkage agreements really ratchets up the overall interest and competition for the program. While I hope I’m not ruining A135’s chances for the rehabilitative premed program, the following should be of great interest to many of our career changer premeds on this board because it offers you a chance to lock in a provisional medical school acceptance early in your premed career and to avoid altogether the worrisome and potentially expensive glide year.

“The Linkage Agreements

“Linkage programs exist with both the Temple University School of Medicine and the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM). Through the linkage, or Early Assurance Programs, students directly enter medical school in the fall, following the completion of their PBPMP curriculum. The advantage of a linkage program is that students do not have to sit-out the typical “glide year” between the time they apply to medical school and the time they start. As with other Early Assurance Programs, our program allows linkage candidates to apply to only one medical school: either Temple or LECOM.

“Selection for linkage is based upon a student’s qualifications prior to entering the PBPMP, MCAT scores, and the student’s academic and extracurricular record while enrolled in the program. Final acceptance into medical school is contingent upon continued high academic achievement and performance on the MCAT.

“The linkage program with the Temple University School of Medicine is available to qualified students in the Pre-Professional Track. Students interested in Temple must meet these criteria prior to the start of the PBPMP:

• Were not an undergraduate pre-med student;

• Have not taken the MCAT;

• Earned a minimum cumulative and Math/Science GPA of 3.2 at the undergraduate level, and

• Earned a SAT score of 1150 or above.

“Other factors that may determine student eligibility are non-cognitive attributes, work and volunteer experience, and faculty letters of recommendation.

“The linkage program with the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine is available to qualified students in both the Enhancement Track and the Pre-Professional Track.”

I agree that you should definitely speak to the Post-Bacc coordinators at any program you’re thinking of attending! I recently contacted the post-bacc coordinator at a nearby major research university and they informed me that the program is currently being re-evaluated. She said they would not be accepting any applications for the upcoming semester! Wow, it’s a good thing I didn’t invest a lot of time and energy into developing an application package that would not have even been accepted. Phew… Glad I contacted them! Best of luck.

I would like to thank everyone that replied to my post and thank you for your help. I did talk to the Post-Bac coordinator at Duquesne. She told me that students who apply to Duquesne’s PBPMP with a GPA below a 2.9, they review every part of the application, such as the recommendation letters, transcripts, resume, etc. As of right now I am working on my personal statement. I need to sell myself to them in this statement. I have the volunteer services, extracurricular activities, hospital experiences, awards, and more. The only requirement that is holding me back is my crappy GPA. I am also applying to Manhattanville College in NY. According to their requirements it seems that I have a better chance of being accepted there. I want to go to Duquesne because I want to stay within PA. I have researched and acquired information of the other PBPMP such as Drexel and Temple. The only requirement that I am missing for Drexel’s and LECOM’s PBPMP is my MCAT and I am registered to take the test on July 31. The deadline for both of those schools is around the first week of July. As for Temple I don’t think I can match their requirements. I am also wondering if any of you would help me with my personal statement. If you have time to read it I can email you a copy. I am not pressuring anyone to do it, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Thank you again for your time and for replying your help is greatly appreciated