Post Bacc Online Info Session help

The post bacc I am applying to for either the summer or fall is having an online info session Jan 16.

For those of you who are currently enrolled or have completed one, what questions do you think I should ask?

I will definitely ask if they provide MCAT prep and if they give a committee LOR when applying to med school.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Ask how the post-bac students are registered for classes --do you have priority in registration or do they guarantee you will get the courses in sequence? What provisions do they make if you already have one of the prerequisites --can you take a different course? Are they going to provide the psych/soc requirement that is coming up in the new MCAT?

Do they have a separate section for the postbac students of some of the classes (not necessary but nice to know if you have smaller sections). What sort of support (TA office hours,etc) do they offer academically (my postbac hired a physics tutor for sessions 2 x a week to help us out with physics).

Asking about the MCAT prep is a good idea. Also, my postbac offered a “US Health Care System” seminar (1 credit class) that helped us to talk intelligently about it at interviews. Ask if they have any assistance with the application or interview process for med school. That varies a lot by program. Mine would review your personal statement if requested, and make suggestions regarding application, and would do mock interviews. Of course, it was a pretty pricey postbac (at Univ. of VA). What is the background of the folks running the program --were any of them involved in med school admissions (so they can advise you well).

That’s all I can think of.