Postdoc comtemplating medical school

I am a 3rd year post-doc with computer science, engineering, and biomedical informatics background. I have been very productive throughout my graduate school and post-doc training (20 journal publications, book chapters, and talks). After hitting the research grind for so long, I decided that I am not cutout for science. However, I shadowed a physician when I was in graduate school to test out what it’s like to be a doctor. I liked it but I had to suppress my urge to quit grad school and enter medical school because of immigration and monetary issues. But, recently things have been better and I started to think again about attending med school.

I am 32 years old and I won’t be starting medical school until I am 34. Is it too late to start medical school? I have a wife with no kids. She will be entering residency in next year or two. So, I do not have lot of family obligations now. My immigration and monetary issues are also resolved. So, are there any other people like me on this form? What do you folks think of attending medical school so late? Does having a PhD helps with admissions? I know that this is a totally subjective question. But, I like to see opinions from people who either are or were in my shoes.

Well, it would be difficult to find folks on this forum who thought 34 was too late to start medical school, as we are in our 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. Although I did it, I think in general 50’s is a bit late to start …not that you can’t get in, but that there are personal challenges to starting in one’s 50’s.