Prep for Step 2 - USMLE/COMLEX

I’m gearing up to take Step 2 early - 3rd week in July for the CK, October for the clinical skills. I’m planning on taking just COMLEX as the residencies I’m applying to are all dually accredited and take COMLEX scores.

I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who took Step 2 regarding what they felt was useful prep. Was not planning to buy DIT although I might change my mind if someone tells me different.

Currently the faculty at my school put together a 20 week reading list for a basic review and planning on starting with that. It starts this week with some chapters in Cecil medicine (1-5 and Table 1-1). I’m also currently in Geriatrics and have reading assignments in the Washington Manual. Plus have an OPP COMAT (shelf exam) at the end of this rotation so starting my OPP review as well.

Suggestions anyone. A survey of last year’s students at my school suggested that the U-World questions were harder and better prep than the COMBANK questions, so will probably purchase that.


I found that if you read First Aid for USMLE plus the OMM book you should be fine. Keep doing questions after questions.

The issue with using U-world or any other usmle test prep is that it does not prepare you for how the questions are written on the COMLEX. On the other hand, comquest and combank are both excellent resources for jus that.

Thanks so much, Gabe! Appreciate the advice.