question about how COMLEX is scored

a few of us were having this discussion while we were at lunch the other day during surgery orientation. they people i was with had already taken theirs on various dates and from what i gathered had varying experiences (i am scheduled to take mine the 18th) as well as varying content. some felt the test was harder than expected and others felt that it was not as bad as they thought and i respect all of them and know they all prepped hard.

anyway, i know the MCAt is averaged according to how people do on a given exam day and the subject came up if they do the same when scoring the COMLEX and no one seemed to know.

i have tried googling to no avail, all i have is rumors heard by people which we all know how reliable those can turn out to be

Becky - we got a presentation on that at my school and I think they covered it —will look it up.

I’m taking the 18th also! Good luck to both of us!

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