Quitting my job to prepare MCAT

Hello all,

first thank you for this wonderful forum. it’s just a great inspirational source.

Let me describe my situation cus i need all your help, wisdom and advices.

I am 31 (2 days ago), I am from France and I work for a great company here. I make good money but i am not happy in my job. Anyway. 10 years ago, I went to med school in France. i dropped for personal reasons. few months ago, after a soul-searching, i decided that being a doctor is really really really what I want. I don’t see myself in business anymore. so I started gathering information about how to get into med school. you all know how, so no need to dress those points. I started going to school. i have to start from scratch because i never been in a USA institution. so I am taking some business classes (cuz my boss pays for it). My concern now is that it’s hard to work full time, to go to school full-time and to have good grades.

I am single (but working on it), i just bought a condo, so i have to pay back a mortgage…and my plan is to quit my job, take a student loan and focus only in my studies (i will have time to do my homework, do some volunteering, prepare for MCAT).


1-is it a good plan?

2- can a student loans cover my mortgage?

please let me know your thoughts

Thank you all

Are you ta lking about getting an entire bachelors degree or taking prerequisites only? I’m not sure if you are eligible for federal student loans if you are not a US citizen which leaves private loans. Private lenders tend to be less willing to loan for living expenses vs tuition.

Can you work and go to school parttime instead of fulltime?


Hi kate, thanks for taking time to answer.

I just wanna get enough credit hours in order to apply. 90 credits. I don’t wanna a bachelor degree.

and yes I can still work part time…


Je vous parlerai en français parce que je parle français et c’est plus amusant pour moi :slight_smile:

Est-ce que vous êtes citoyen des Etats-Unis, ou peut-être un résident permanent? C’est très important pour sécurer des monnaies du gouvernement. Sinon, il faut chercher des monnaies privées, et c’est especiallement difficile dans cette économie, mais vous pouvez les trouver avec une companie comme Sallie Mae. Vous pouvez aussi essayer à travailler et étudier. Oui, c’est difficile, mais c’est pareil avec les devoirs de l’ecole médicale.

Ce forum est un outil invalable! Cherchez-le pour decouvrir les informations. N’hesitez pas à poser des questions!



  • frenchy Said:

Hi kate, thanks for taking time to answer.

I just wanna get enough credit hours in order to apply. 90 credits. I don't wanna a bachelor degree.

and yes I can still work part time...

1) some medical schools require only 30 US credits IFyou have a foreign degree. Several of the schools websites are confusing about this.

2) even though you may only need 90 credits, if you dont have a previous degree, you will be at a very strong competitive disadvantage if you dont have a degree.

3) I am not a fan of advising people leaving their jobs to do a postbacc much less a new degree. You have a very long road ahead of you and you may want to work a year until you are sure.

Bonjour Amanda,

tu as apporté une ouche francais à ce forum. lol

je ne suis pas citoyen americain, mais je suis resident permanent. Le but de mon plan est de gagner du temps. je pensais vraiment prendre un pret et etudier mes “pre-requisit” Ã fond.

je vais encore prendre le temps de la reflexion.


So I really need to have a bachelor degree in order to be competitive?


Hi Frenchy

I am from France as well, but I will write in english so that all can follow.

Yes you do need a terminal degree either from here or from the US. In any event you need to take the pre-reqs and most school (not all) require 90 credits by the time you start Med School. Of course if you have done scientific research and have other accomplishments, these would be taken into account and as gonnif said, there is no clear cut number. It varies from school to school.

For sure, not having a terminal degree, will put at a very very serious disadvantage. In fact, only exceptional circumstances would warrant an acceptance. If you do not possess such a degree (at least Bachelor - en francais, une licence universitaire BAC+3), then I would strongly recommend you get one first with As all along.

Good luck.