reflections on my experience with OPM

it’s pretty neat to be back here. OPM was such a wonderful source of inspiration during those periods of doubt i had when i was studying for the mcat, doing applications, waiting for interviews (and acceptance!) last year. to all those wondering… am i too old? how will this affect my future? etc… i would say, if this is something you truly believe in, go for it! yes you will have to make many sacrifices, especially in time. they always tell us, medical school is a marathon, not a race. there are other med students in their 30s in my MD program… i think the oldest student we have in my class is 37.

i just wanted to give you all some words of encouragement to hang in there… that it doesn’t take a genius to become a doctor. just heart, tenacity, and a ton of hard work… good luck!!

now if i could just find an oldmedstudent (OMS) website! haha…

BS 1997

MS 2004

MD 2014

Thanks for the encouragement, twistqueen!

Wonderful. Sometimes it helps to read such testimony. Thanks twistq.

Check out the med student and resident part of the forums!

Thanks for the encouragment!


  • twistqueen Said:

now if i could just find an oldmedstudent (OMS) website! haha...

We are the National Society of Nontraditional Premedical AND Medical Students

Thanks for the inspiration. I haven’t been on this site in awhile (busy getting courses done and preping for the next step.) Old Premeds has definatly helped me to pick a path and set goals.