Roll Call!!

There are a lot new faces out here. Please state your name if you like, your current status, what state you are in, and at what stage of the game are you in.

You may find out that there is an OPMer near you and you can get together and study or just relax. Heck, you may even end up a couple And if you get married, the rest of OPM will give you a tunnel of stethascopes to walk under

Kurt M.

Former full-time(current part-time) police officer

Undergrad senior - Philosophy/biology/business


Applications submitted

Retaking MCAT in April 07 then reapply

Jesse C.

Graduating with my Bachelor’s in nursing May 2007.

Will take Chem 2 in the final semester of my bachelor’s and then do 2 years of post-bacc to complete the rest of my pre-reqs.

Will take MCAT April 2009 and apply that June. Currently in Tyler, Texas.

Really, /really/ want to go to UTSA.

Hi all:

-I am currently enrolled in a post-bac program in PA - taking Chem 1 (first step in process).

-I have a BS in Information Systems and an AAS in Respiratory Care.



I’m brand new to this group today and am looking forward to discussing our common goal of going to med school.

I’ve been out of undergrad since 1986 - BS Chemistry. Then I went to Grad School - Ph.D. Pharmacology. 1992. Did a 4 year post-doc then ran a Neurology lab for 1.5 years before going into industry. Now I’m employed in Pharma in CT; work in drug development & clinical pharmacology for early development candidates. I enjoy the work but have always had this drive to persue the medical degree. Ultimately, I what to continue to do research in disease and teach at the university level. So, I’ve decided to get moving on this and hopefully the members of this community can help me along the way.

I have to take the MCAT and am just looking into it now. I took it many years ago, late 80’s/early 90’s but I don’t exactly recall.

Just had the discussion with my wife last Friday. She’s supportive. Our agreement is to take the MCAT, then continue with next steps - i.e. finances, etc. We both have good jobs so this obviously is a big step and a family decision.

On another note, can anyone tell me how to start a new post?


There’s a button at the top left once you’re in a forum, called “New Topic”.

Hi! I’m Denise, an old-timer around here, and currently an M1 med student in Wisconsin.

Hi, I’m Sarah. I live in Chicago and work at a bank in loan operations, but soon i should have a job as an ultrasound tech (just finished a certificate course, clinical rotations starting in two weeks). I’ll do that while I take the rest of my prereqs. Took Gen Chem last year, currently 1/3 of the way through Bio at Northwestern. My undergrad was in English.

I’ll finish Bio and Calc this year, then take Physics and Orgo next year, take the MCAT, and apply for '09 if all goes as planned. I wish I could speed this up, but I’ve got to keep working as much as possible because I have a lot of debt.

That was too long, wasn’t it?

I also volunteer for Vitas Hospice and will start volunteering with CommunityHealth in January…

nice to meet you all

Hi guys. Nice meeting all of you.

I got a Bachelors of Business Administration 2003 from the Univ of MI Business School (now known as Ross School of Business). My “emphasis” was accounting, but decided not to pursue a CPA b/c the accounting industry was “weird” at that time, ie. google --> Enron / Anderson

Instead, I worked as a technology consultant for the #2 biggest consultancy, but decided after 3 years that although the pay is nice, this was not really what I wanted to do the rest of my productive years. (30+ wks of constant travel / yr was another factor)

I am enrolled full-time in Winter 2007 at University of Michigan Dearborn campus to finish my BCM pre-med requirements.

If anyone here is from Michigan and willing to give this novice some advice and counseling, it would be great.

Hello all. I’m Adam, haven’t been around as much lately, but I’m still here.

Got my BS in Cognitive Psych a few years back and messed around for a bit. Not too long ago, I wound up actually figuring out what I intend to do with the rest of my life - fancy that

These days, I’m going to school full time (UCF, Orlando, FL) to meet pre-reqs. I work part-time in metnal health, and in the next week or so I’m going to pick up about 15 hours a week doing genetics research. Hey, worst case, at least I have access to a good shrink

Hey folks!

My name is Seth, I got my BS in Emergency Health Services from Univ of MD, and have been involved with EMS since the age of 16.

I currently work for a critical care transport service affiliated with a major university hospital in Baltimore MD. I will be moving on Sat back home to NY (where I’m from) to take a position as a Critical Care Flight Paramedic so that I can complete my pre-reqs and sit for the MCATs.

I’m quite excited to start on this journey, but even more stoked that I’ve found a place where there are many others in a similar situation!

Good luck to all!

I’m Rena

from Northwest Ohio

currently working as an LPN full time

full time senior at BGSU

MCAT in the spring and apps soon after

suffering through o-chem at the moment…any advice is appreciated

Gabriel Lerman

cancer researcher in NYC

in a M.Sc. program at FDU in NJ

applying this cycle

Hello, I’m René, from Montreal.

I’m currently in the 3rd full-time semester of completing pre-reqs. As a bonus of having been full-time, I’ll also have a couple of ‘nice-to-haves’ in my resume. Once this semester is over, Organic II will be the last pre-req left to do.

Assuming good grades roll in this semester, I plan to apply to 3 French language (no MCAT) Universities in the spring-07 cycle.

MCAT and applications to English schools thereafter, if required!


-I’m a grad student in Pharmacology, concentration in Chemical and Biological Terrorism

-Retaking MCAT in April 2007 after FINALLY taking prep course.

-Applying MD/PhD in 200? also considering completing PhD first and/or delaying med school until child is in high school(in 4 years).

Hey guys - I’m Jing and I’m going a post-bac program at Johns Hopkins and will be applying next year. My previous degrees are in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science. I’m very interested in applying computing to the field of medicine and neuroscience research. I’m in Baltimore and would love to meet up with folks in the Baltimore/DC area for food, talking, or general fun, so just message me if you are are around here.


Tim Forsythe

  • Finishing the first full semester of my post-bac

  • EMT/NA at local hospital’s Urgent Care Center

  • Originally from Northwest Indiana, now residing in the North Carolina Piedmont Triad

  • PADI-certified SCUBA diver with an interest in Hyperbaric and Emergency Medicine

  • Preparing for MCAT in April '07

I live in the greater Seattle area, graduated from the UW in 2004 as a Microbiology major and applying my third round this year.

Granted acceptance to WV Osteopathic and am looking forward to the move. (no more ridiculous traffic!!!)

Married and pregnant, expecting a baby boy March 7th. Currently unemployed (long story and generally work as a RT1 or NAC/ER tech) but doing lots of volunteering in my neighborhood at an animal shelter and home-run senior center.

Tracia Love

Engineer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’ll be starting my post-bacc program at Rockhurst University in KC Missouri in Fall 2007. Until then, I’m saving money and volunteering. I’ve been married for 2 years and my favorite hobby is horses.

Hi all!

Currently working full-time in admin support (so exciting let me tell you!) at CSU,Chico. I will begin prereqs next semester, Gen Chem. Debating whether or not to 1)work full-time and do prereqs part-time or 2)work part-time and do school full-time for prereqs and possible second degree in microbiology to help my GPA. Plan on taking MCAT and then applying in 2009. Can’t wait to get started…I feel alive again now that I’ve decided to really give everything I have in me to accomplish this goal.

Hi everyone,

I’m Fabi. I live in California, about 30 mins south of san francisco. i have an anthropology undergrad with a strong biology background. I did oncology and diabetes research for a biotech company for a couple of years and now I’m working at a community clinic as a medical assistant. i’m still figuring out the first steps-- looking to start pre-reqs full time at san francsico state ASAP. I hope to boost my poor GPA and prove to entrance comitees (sp?) that I won’t drown academically. happy to not be so lonely with my crazy dream.