Saying Hi!

Hey everyone…I am so glad to find this site…
I am the 37 y/o mama to 3 boys 6,3 and 1. I am refreshing my nursing license (LPN) right now after 7 years as a stay at home mom…
I started my 80 hr required practicum today and had a major meltdown on the way home. All my life I have wanted to be an MD. I remember as a child of 5 accouncing to my parents "when I grow-up I want to be a general surgeon."
Fastforward to this afternoon…I had a day in the cardiac cath lab. In the car on the way home I am chatting w/ my sis on the phone and all of sudden it hit me again. I want to be a doc. So here I sit at the computer, having made the decision to scrap my plan of being a nurse anesthetist and moving forward after all this years. I am concerned and intimidated about the road ahead but I know I can do it. I want it that bad.
My worst nightmare would be to be sitting in my car at 47 saying…I want to be a doctor. So here I go.
Thanks for taking the time to read my post…I look forward to getting to know you guys and learning some important stuff along the way.

Welcome!!! Glad to have you here. I’ve been awol for a while trying to pass my classes this semester but hopefully I’ll be reading mor from you.

Hi and welcome to OPM
I wish you well in your journey towards medical school and hope you can achieve your dream. Where will you go from here? Will you have to take any post-bac classes? Then of course there is the dreaded MCAT looming in front of you. I wish you luck !!!
Again, Welcome to OPM.

Hello! Welcome to OPM! (I used to be really good about welcoming the new members but I’ve slacked off recently. My bad). Anyways, I like your screen name and glad you joined us.
Try to make it out to Denver for our annual conference in June if you can.

well…i wish it was just a few classes…more like 52 credit hours before my bs is done…
I am just at the beginning of this whole thing and as far as the mcat…well, i’ll think about that after i live through o/chem and physics LOL.
so for now…it’s a piece at a time…
thanks for your responses. I am so jazzed to have finally made up my mind to do this.

It’s a long raod and it seems like you have a lot in front of you, but believe me it will pass before you know. Good luck and have fun.

Welcome to the fourum! I think you will find that this site offers a wonderful support system no matter what point you are at in your schooling. There are many of us here who are facing the everyday challenge of balancing work, school, and family (mine are 14, 8, 3). It can be tough sometimes and when it is, the people on this site always seem to know what to say to make you feel a little bit better. Welcome and good luck!

Hey Zen Mamacita-- the EXACT same thing happened to me except I was in a plane, not a car. I got off the flight, went home, and started surfing the web, finding out how to get into medical school. A couple of months later, I was sitting in my first science classes. I’m wishing that you have the same luck I did, to wit: I haven’t regretted my rash decision yet!

Matt and Zenmama, I had a similar epiphany-like moment. Within 24 hours of med school being suggested to me (in a conversation that I really thought wasn’t serious), I had researched exactly what I’d need to do and how long it would take to get there. When it came time to write my PS, I actually toned down the story somewhat because I sounded a little too… flaky. Like I thought I was St. Paul getting knocked off a horse or something
The only way I could account for it is that I finally awoke to something that was there inside me all along - I just hadn’t recognized it. I have to say that from this end of the process, I think that’s accurate - I really was meant to do this and now I actually get to!

Hey Mary…your my new idol…
I seem to be running a similar course as you. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have your example as fuel for the fire.
WHOOOOT! thanks guys…i’ll be checking in as things develop.

I completely identify with the concern and elation that comes with making the decision to pursue medical school.

I made THE DECISION in a quiet, private, calm way one afternoon. That night, though, my emotions regarding my decision showed up in a dream:

I dreamed I tried out for my university’s football team (NCState Wolfpack). I went to the first practice as a walk-on, feeling certain that I wouldn’t actually make the team. But I did. At first I was thrilled, but then I thought, “what am I doing? I’m going to get creamed!” Then I remembered that not all players get into the game. I figured I’d be one to sit the bench so I decided to stay on the team for the workout that practice games would give me. I suited up and practiced with the team. I’m not a big person so my head rattled around in a huge helmet and I seemed to get lost in the shoulderpads. As awkward as I felt in all of the gear, I managed to avoid getting tackled. I felt good. But, dreams being dreams, situations can quickly change. In an instant, “practice” became a “big game.” The stadium was filled to capacity and the cheering made it difficult for me to hear the coach tell me, “I’m putting you in the game.” But heard him I did. I panicked but the only place I could run was into the game. As I ran onto the football field, I heard the game announcer say, “Now, running onto the field is 43 year old mother of three…” When the crowd heard my name, they roared in approval.

I woke to the sound of my own laughter.

I’ve been working on pre-req’s for the past year and will have the basics finished by August (2yrs chem, 1yr physics, 2 yrs bio, calc). I plan on taking the MCAT in August. I’ve carried a heavy load this past year but the tremendous sense of purpose I have is what’s gotten me through.

Good luck to you!

anita- what a wonderful dream - the real time one and the night-time one
thanks for the encouraging words.

Welcome! I had thought I would be happy as an RN the rest of my life and after about 17yrs of nursing I found the profession was only partly for me, I wanted to be a Doc.
So here I finally go. I’m 40 and was accepted into a 6yr Medical School in England. ( it includes premed and Medicine).
You can do it! Many here have. One thing that I can say is do what you want/have the drive to do! Others will tell you you that you are too old or it too hard with a family. Wel it is hard and we are older but we are not that old!

congratulations on your acceptance to the program. how exciting for you! keep us updated as you progress!
thanks for your support too. i have a wonderful husband and fabulous friends. i liked what one poster wrote about this being a marathon not a sprint…it’s my new mantra.

Greetings and welcome to OPM. I too, didn’t want to find myself still chanting “I want to be a doc” when I was old (er). I am also an LV§N, working in pedi home health for almost 18 years now, also 3 kids, ages 20, 12, and 6. I think you will find lots here and hope you can attend the convention this year.

hey kathy - how awesome to see another lpn on this board! although i love denver and it sounds like great fun, I know I won’t make it to the conference this year. next year would be more possible when my littlest one is weaned. where are you going to school? where are you in this process? thanks for the post!

Congratulations on making such a decision. Also, welcome to this wonderful site.
I am also in Houston, here we go summer!!
Good luck,

Hi Whuds!
Congratulations on your acceptance. That’s very exciting! Where in New England are you going to school? I was wondering if it is CT. If so, I might see you.
Good luck!

I too have had very vivid dreams regarding this decision.
When I officially dropped pre-med as an undergrad, I had a recurring dream for several months. In it, I would spend the entire time running. Running really hard. I’d climb ladders and ropes, I’d even do hurdles. I would just be running nonstop through obstacle courses. Sometimes they would be set inside hospitals, other times in random areas in Manhattan. There would be sick people chasing me and no matter how fast I ran there would always be one right at my tail. Sometimes they’d grab my ankle and I’d wake up shaken at that point. It wasn’t until I got more involved in my new majors, Music and Computer Science, that the dreams went away.
Sometime last year after attending the OPM conference I was seriously considering applying to a postbacc program. I was spending tremendous amounts of time every day thinking about the decision and again was having frequent dreams about it. The one that stands out the most took place in Riverside Park in Manhattan. I was walking by the river and this time I was the one who was trying to catch up to someone ahead of me. I was asking the person ahead for advice regarding my difficult career choice. I wanted to give up on the whole idea and just settle. We were walking over rocks and so it was difficult to keep talking. I recall that the sun was setting and so the entire scene had a beautiful orange glow. Finally the person stopped and turned around and I saw that it was me, an older version of me! All I (she) said was “Hilda, stop being afraid. Stop being afraid of working hard and start doing what you know you love.” It was very strange because it’s the only time I’ve dreamt of myself in both the first and third person simultaneously.
I eventually took my own advice and now I’m officially pre-med. There are still doubts but it’s different now. I feel in control of my path regardless of where it leads.

what an amazing dream…