Self Directed Premed Plan

How do one get a medical school advisor letter if they complete premed requirements at a community college that do not have a premed advisor?

Please Advise


Check out the med school web pages of schools you are interested in, regarding requirements for letters of recommendation. Call their admissions office if the info isn’t on their web site. Most schools will accept some combination of LOR’s - generally one needs 2 academic recommendations (from professors who can speak to your academic abilities), at least one of them from a core science faculty member. One also may need a physician LOR (a letter from a D.O. is pretty much a standard requirement for application to an osteopathic medical school), and perhaps a general letter from some (non family -member) person who knows you well - a supervisor, perhaps. The variations are many.

I felt it worthwhile to get an Interfolio account - any LOR writers can send ONE confidential LOR to Interfolio. They upload it, make it available for you to send electronically to any schools you apply to (without you getting to see it, of course), and you can select which letters you have sent to which schools. So I got together about 6 and “tweaked” which ones I sent out to various schools based on what they required. The day after you take MCAT’s is not too soon to start this process, if not before. Give people some time, remind them, and definately sent a thank you note as soon as they have sent the letter (buy a box of notes to have ready - when you get to the med school interviews, it’s good to send a thank you to the folks who interview you at the school (thank you for your time. I enjoyed talking with you about the ____ your school offers. I appreciate having the opportunity…that sort of thing)


Thank you Kate for this information. It is appreciated.

Were you a registered nurse prior to going to medical school??? I am currently a registered nurse and would like to know with the clinical experience help get into medical school.



Lillian -

Yes, had LONG nursing experience

In my case I think it did help me get in to medical school. A lot of whether it helps you depends I think on the philosphy of the institution. There are lots of nurses in my class, and I think in general that experience is respected but it my no means makes your application stand out way above others. It is good to think over what you think you have gained or demonstrated thruout your nursing practice and speak to those qualities somewhat in your admission essay.