Self Doubt - in other areas

This is a tough journey. Personally, I am so amazed at the wives, husbands, and SO’s that hang tough through the whole thing for their spouse.

And my heart aches, as well. This has not been my story.

I have resigned myself to being single for the next 10 years of my life…because honestly, who would sign up for this?

Who would ever choose to date someone who is living out of boxes, and spending 2 years here, and 2 years there, and 2 years someplace else, and 4 years someplace else? Whose every waking hour is consumed with study and school? Whose hours are unpredictable and erratic? Who works so hard at this that they have NOTHING left to give, and just want to sleep. Who would sign up for a sparse or intermittent sex life, sparse and intermittent affection, and no energy to cook or clean, or do anything after all the studying is done? They would basically have to hold everything down at home while school was my “full-time, over-time job”. This is not a job description that people will willingly do.

Conversely, once you cross the finish line, and the accolades start pouring in…wouldn’t it be bittersweet to have someone want you then, who didn’t want you now, and did not struggle through the journey with you?

In my mind, either way, you end up doing it alone. If you are in my shoes and not married already.

There are days that I think THAT is the real sacrifice when you choose this path.

Just thinking out loud.

I don’t know what’s wrong with you, Vicki. I’ve got guys lining up at my door.

Oh, wait. That’s because they have medical school admissions questions.

Yep. Preaching to the choir, sister …

Yup, I’m there with you ladies! Now that I’m an intern, been so busy apparenty I’ve not been on OPM since October!