Hi everyone! I have the opportunity to start shadowing a doctor, which I’m very excited about because my classes were starting to cause me to lose my motivation. I have to give them a resume, though, and, although I have work experience, I’m not sure what to highlight in the resume. I mean, I have no healthcare experience at all, other than being a patient, and I don’t want them to get my resume and say, “Oh, yeah, she sucks. She can’t shadow.” Ok, that might be a bit extreme, but you get my point. Any suggestions? If it helps, I worked in fundraising for a social services non-profit for five years, then took about 3 years off when I had kids. And, no, I didn’t do anything during my time off except for raising my kids. Any thoughts and suggestions would be very appreciated!


Do they want a cover letter along with the resume? If so, then that could help you out - you could explain (briefly) why you want to shadow the physician, as well as why you want to go into medicine. Just a thought.

If they’re not looking for a cover letter, and only the resume, one thing I would highlight would be any leadership experience you’ve had. If I were you, I would also mention any volunteer work.

Hope that helps!

Well, that’s unfortunate… They don’t want a cover letter, and I have no leadership or volunteer experience. My jobs were always assistant jobs. I tried to volunteer at one of the local hospitals, but it was a bust (something I think I actually posted about). I found another volunteer opportunity, but it hasn’t started yet. Now I feel really fabulous.

Well, it might help to bear in mind that “trad” students may have no relevant healthcare experience either. At least your experience is more service -related. Just send them the resume you would use in applying for a job, or perhaps one annotated to indicate your job description where you worked.


You’re stuck in the “what if” mindset!

I don’t see anything wrong with providing a cover letter with your resume, it’s standard practice. Can be short.

What’s the WORST that will happen? You’ll have to find another doctor to shadow?

I think as physicians, we understand that students (and especially non-trads) aren’t going to come with a resume chock full of experiences. That’s the whole point. This isn’t a job interview for managing a bank and you have no bank experience.

Submit it! You’ll be fine!