Should I complete my basics before or after Peace Corps?

I’m currently working on an application to join the Peace Corps, and as I studied political science in undergrad, have to take pre-reqs. Not only that, but since my GPA needs a boost (or several), I’ll probably need to enroll in a program like GEMS to have a shot of gaining admission. But that’s another issue for another day.

Right now, I’m trying to figure out if I need to take the pre-req courses before I leave for my Peace Corps service. I’m a little apprehensive about giving up my life for two years, as I’m 27, but I’m also passionate about the kind of work I’d be doing with the Peace Corps, and have wanted to join its ranks for years. My question is this: should I take the basic courses now, or wait until I get back? Obviously, this is hypothetical, as I have yet to complete my application, or start taking pre-reqs, it is what I want?

Also, any thoughts about the time Peace Corps takes? As I said earlier, I like the idea of doing it, but at teh same time, feel that my time would be better spent making myself the best medical school candidate possible.

I’d say it would be better to do the prerequisites after the Peace Corps, because then it will be fresher for MCAT’s. Alternative - do the prereqs AND MCAT’s and then MCAT’s during your glide year and one more, and save the “glide” year. I think it’s a better strategy to do Peace Corps first, then the prereqs, MCAT’s and some more advanced bio courses during the glide year.


Kate429 suggestion makes sense to me as

  1. if you need to boost GPA, trying to rush courses prior to peace corps may not be most optimal

  2. two years in peace corps may change you in ways you cant even imagine yet.

I agree…wait until after the Peace Corps.



I agree with everyone else. If you come back and you are still set on Med school, then it might be hard to remember all of the things needed for the MCAT

I just wanted to come back and thank everyone for their advice. I lost my password after my last visit and couldn’t sign in again, lol.