Starting today.....

Oh my goodness…………… I am starting my official post bacc program next Monday. I know in the past on this forum I have mentioned that I intended to continue to work full time. However the events of this past week have drastically changed my mind and while I am sure it can be done….I have decided that my best chance of success is to resign from my job (as in right now, today) and accept the loans I have been offered to support me this semester.

Needless to say I am quite terrified. Really and truly terrified. I feel that this is the right path for me but I have been slaving away at a mortgage co for some time now. so I have a very clear understanding of how monumental borrowing huge amounts of money will be.

Not to mention that there are absolutely NO guarantees.

So i find myself extreamy excited to be finally really committing to this (jumping in head first and all that) and scared to death by the decision. FUD is weighing heavy on my mind.

Any way I guess I just needed to say this to a group of people who have all made these kind of hard decisions and continue to make them every day.

Wish me luck!!

I think we’ve all experienced our share of FUD at some point or another. But to me the alternatives were simple; spend my savings and then some on a chance to live my dream…or don’t and spend my days wondering “what if” living half fulfilled. The latter is not for me.

It’s a risk, but one that can be worth taking. If you become a doctor, and you will if you truly want it, you’ll pay off the loans eventually. I’ve found that this isn’t something that can be done halfway, you’re either “all in” or “all out.” If you decide to go “all in,” then set your mind to it and don’t look back!

You can do it! In the words of one of my friends on this site, “FUD be damned!”

Best wishes to you!


As far as loans are concerned, every Dr. I have talked to said that there are ways to pay them off or get them paid off. There is only one way to become a Dr. though, take the plunge.

Good luck. The past two years have been some of the most exciting of my life, while I haven’t lived as “wealthy” as I did in the ten years prior, I am a lot more fufilled.

  • Guitardan77 Said:
In the words of one of my friends on this site, "FUD be damned!"

Lets not forget who promoted his "RULE 10: BEWARE OF FUD" on this site. (I knew I should have copyrighted it )
  • Mallory Said:

Wish me luck!!

Good luck! Stay focused, take sanity breaks, and have faith in yourself.

If that fails, spend some of that loan money on private tutors.

You can do this.

Congratulations, Mallory on plunging in wholeheartedly! Enjoy -the pool is great in the deep section!

Seriously, very excited for you starting your post-bacc program next week. Keep us posted on your journey!


Congratulations, Mallory! I, too, am doing a post-bac program and living entirely on loans. It’s difficult, but it can be done. It helps to outline your expenses, make a budget, and then intentionally live frugally in order to stay within your means so that you don’t wind up putting debt on your credit card. That’s what I’ve found, at least.

I’m curious - what classes are you taking this year? Just wondering.

I do indeed wish you the BEST of luck! And as Kate mentioned, definitely keep us posted on your progress!

Thank you so much for the support! this site has been a source of inspiration to me for quite some time. I have been back in school for a while taking math classes I never took and Bio 1 last semester.

This semester I’ll be taking physics and chem with labs. (physics worries me) It was a pretty sudden decision to quit my job yesterday in time for the first day of class next Monday…I just had that moment where I knew I couldn’t do it under the table anymore and I had to either dive in or get out. I guess maybe now I will start admitting to people that I am pre med, instead of “thinking about something in medicine, maybe physical therapy”

Thanks again, I am happy to have made this decision. Even if it’s only the 5K point in this marathon and I’ll be crazy poor at the end. It feels very right.

Good luck, as well! FUD is normal - embrace it!

BEST WISHES to you! Your post is very timely! Thanks for your display of courage by posting this and again, ALL THE BEST with your studies!