Step 1 freak-out :)

I’m scheduled for June 11th. Not very far along at all in Boards Boot Camp - my schedule has just freed up some so I can study (only about 15 hours/week for remaining school stuff for 3 more weeks). I bought a discounted access to COMBANK, and have decided to get Pathoma as it seems much more productive in terms of what I get out of the time invested.

I’ve got to review the OMT stuff too for COMLEX but studying for my final exam last week covered most of it in about 3 days. Going to just review “the green book” and study for my practical exam and I think I’ve got that.

Would love to hear from others. Reminding my self to “Breathe”. Feeling the need for some primal scream therapy - but I’m sure I’ll pull it together in the end.


practice, practice, practice. The more questions you do, the more comfortable you will be with them and will understand what they are looking for. You also have COMQUEST if you want more questions.

When I took it, it was filled with 3 main things:

  1. Bugs

  2. Drugs

  3. OMM

Thanks, Gabe, especially for the main points. Glad I bought COMBANK!



Everyone freaks out before their boards. You have time…take it easy get through the material and you will be fine.

I used BBB when I did step 1 and passed. It is a good system if you follow it. If you truly feel like you need a few more weeks you can always postpone the boards by a few months. it usually takes 4-6 weeks for the scores and step 1 score isn’t needed for interviews until about sept-jan. I think I took mine in Sept. of my third year.

The saverese book or the book by BBB is great and all you need. If you are finding that you have time while on the road going to rotations you can always look up Substance P audio files (they don’t cost much) and listen to those as well.


Thanks, Marcia - trying to calm down here!


As with all things, being a little concerned about it will give you that extra drive to prepare thoroughly…which you always do anyway!

You’ll Rock it Licia, no worries!


Thanks for the kind words, Dan!

Actually I got more and more frustrated with Boards Boot Camp and then (much like a Heinlein character in “Double Star”) got very excited and tore it all up! (figuratively).

It is not working well with my learning style. So I decided to trust myself, and embarked Monday on my own plan involving First Aide, Pathoma, review of OMT using THE text/lab book/Saverese review book, and COMBANK.

Much happier and more productive. Will probably use some of the BBB resources for additional review AFTER I’ve done my own organized review.


Glad to hear that you are finding your own style. BBB worked for me, but it doesn’t work everyone.

If you are an audio learner or have time in the car- the goljan audio is great if you can find it.

PM me your email -I have some stuff I can email you-some of it is a little old-but relevant. You can use what you want if you want it…but a word of caution is to not have to many resources it just gets overwhelming.


Doing well! We took Comsae today ( a 4 hour practice test for Step 1). Most of us are not nearly ready for Step 1 as we just finished up our courses for the most part - have 15 hours of class next week and about 15 hours the week after (ACLS) + testing, but the rest of our time is free for studying (for the next 5 weeks till I take the test).

400 would be passing, 450 is considered a “solid” score that indicates you are ready to take the test. Our Dean of UGME said he didn’t expect many 450’s but that looking at the spread of grades (expected to be mainly in the 300’s) would give them an idea how we were doing.

2 hours into the test, he came in and said "I hate to tell you this, but if this test ssems a little harder than you expected, it’s because they accidentally sent us the practice exam for STEP 2! You can finish it if you are enjoying it, but you don’t have to. We’ll get access to the step 1 practice probably by next week.

Well, actually, I didn’t think it was going that badly, so I finished it. Got a 398. Now that’s still failing (we ALL failed), but that is darn near to passing the exam (to be taken 3rd or 4th year) for which I haven’t prepped at ALL (lots more treatments).

All of a sudden I’m feeling a bit better about Step 1 in 5 weeks! It also gave me a printout of which areas I did well in or good or borderline, which will be very valuable, as many of them are also areas on Step 1. Pathology was a poorer one, so I am EXTRA glad I bought Pathoma.

Also came up with a schedule that will have me thru Pathoma, Savarese (the OPP stuff), and First Aid with time to do Combank 2 x/week, time to drill Pharm each week, and have 8 days at the end having covered everything to simply review and practice test. And for only 35 hours/wk. Even the next 2 weeks with classes, that is doable. So if I find I need more depth on something there is leeway in there. Coordinated my chapters so I’m doing pathoma and first aid topics the same week, and reviewing pharm with each system.

I’ve got this!