Stoopid question re: Essay

Guys, I have a question re: essay word count. One school’s app says, “In one document, please address each question in approximately 750 words.”

Just to clarify, do they mean ea answer to ea question has to be 750 words? or the entire document has to be 750 words?

I’ve asked others but they scratch their heads too.

Thanks so much!

I would say that they mean each question has 750 words, but save it to one document. If you are going to have to cut and paste the essay into a text box it should not allow you to type more words in. So to test you could just make up a “fake” essay of 750 words and past it and see if it sticks.

Thank you

I make all my fake essays in Latin.

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That is so much cooler than hitting “d” 4500 times.

  • BaileyPup Said:
That is so much cooler than hitting "d" 4500 times.

I actually LOL'd at that.

“Tinnitus, tinnitus, semper tinnitus. O tantum est gaudium in vehimer et tra-ha…”

I used to leave mysterious messages on my latin classroom’s chalkboard when no one was looking…in Latin…signed Purpureus Vindex!

…yeah, big latin geek here


Those directions are poorly worded. I would let the questions themselves dictate that answer.

If it looks like you can clearly address all questions if 750 words or less, they probably mean that total. However, if each question could easily take you to that level, they probably mean per question.