Study plan help: May 23 MCAT + Orgo 2 and Physics 2

Hi All,

So, based on what I’ve researched, I registered for the May 23 MCAT.

I’m also taking my final prereqs of Orgo 2 and Physics 2, plus labs.

I wasn’t too worried about that workload initially, but now that I write it out, I am a little. Will it be too much? I could push the MCAT a week or two, but I’m hesitant to push it too far into June, since from what I’ve read, that could put my application at a disadvantage since it will be later than most. Is that right?

Last semester I took Orgo 1 and Physics 1 with labs without much of a problem, and had some free time, so maybe it’s possible, but I’m a little uncertain. Any thoughts?

Also, I’m hoping for some study plan advice. I’ve looked at the SN2 plan, and some other “plans” I’ve found online, but they look like they take up too much time – both seem to assume that you can study for the MCAT full time, which, of course, most of us here cannot do.

I like the look of the Examkrackers study plan, though. But, whereas most of the online plans suggest at least 3 months, the EK plan is only 10 weeks long. Is that enough?? I’d hate to start 10 weeks out and find out it isn’t.

I got a great deal on the BR and EK books, so I’m leaning in their direction, but I’d be up for anything, as long as it works and I can do it without studying full-time while also studying for my courses.

Now that it’s all getting close and real, I’m a little worried, since it seems to be a one-shot deal.

Any advice, ideas, and encouragement is deeply appreciated!!

Thank you.

Well, I took the May MCAT while taking Bio 2, Orgo 2 and Physics 2 in spring semester. I was doing the Bio and Physics lab but not the Org. Chem lab because 1) it takes a ton of time 2) you could take it separate from the class at the college and 3) felt I could apply while still taking it in the summer as by the time I interviewed, I’d have finished it.

So I’d say that the 2 courses with lab are doable, although if you could put off one of the labs, I’d put off Org. Chem. For MCAT prep I did Kaplan, starting in January. Didn’t go to nearly all the classes but did work thru the books and their sample tests, plus a lot of AAMC tests. In retrospect, I think examkrackers might have gotten me to the same spot in a little less time but I did glean some good stuff from Kaplan. You have to make up a good study schedule and stick to it, blocking in time studying daily.


First, I don’t agree that the MCAT is a one shot deal. There are plenty of people that have gotten in with multiple retakes. Sure, just like getting in on your first application cycle, it’s awesome if it happens, but it’s not the end of the world.

I am scheduled to take the MCAT on May 23rd as well. I have taken it before, so know what to expect. I know my weak areas, and plan to concentrate most heavily in those, but also do a full review. It’s tough, as I am working fulltime, so can’t really get into it like I did before.

My opinion is that EK doesn’t prepare you completely for the current exams. It is definitely deficient for the genetics questions that are definitely on the exams, so maybe the BR books will cover that sufficiently. I’d like to have the BR books myself. I’m actually considering signing up for a Princeton class this time round. There is one that ends shortly before the exam, and perhaps they’ll cover some areas that I haven’t filled with my self study.

Do start soon though, as the months to the exam will go alarmingly quick. Make sure you take several full length exams under timed conditions. The pacing of the exam is critical, and the time will fly by when you’re taking it. I can’t stress this enough.

Thank you for both so much for the replies.

Super helpful, and reassuring to know that it looks like a doable schedule.

I’m thinking of working primarily from EK, but using the BR to supplement, particularly the genetics section, as you mention.

What do you think about using the EK 10 week structure, and adding an extra two weeks at the end to tie up loose ends and take/review full-length practice exams? Maybe I should start sooner – just don’t want to burn out.

Either way, that’s a great point about time flying. Sometimes it’s felt like a slog getting through these prereqs, but now that I’m almost done, it is coming fast.

Thank you guys.

I tried ALL the test prep materials and the one that worked best for me was TBR. But I should also mention that I had ~2 months off from working and school to study for the MCAT.

Also make sure to take as many of the AMCAS exams or other similar exams as possible.

I’d say start doing full length tests at least 4 weeks before, or more, so if you find a troublesome area you will have time to review it without panicking


I’d use as many resources as possible to prepare. I took a Kaplan class, and found cheap, used versions of other prep co.'s online.

You should mentally prepare as if you only have one shot…