Summer before Med School

I’m currently in the application process, hoping to start med school next year in the fall. For all the medical students out there, what did you do the summer before med school? Did you take classes? Did you take time off? Did you continue working?

I worked and then moved (2 days), and then had 5 or 6 days off. I’d highly recommend taking at least 2 weeks off. Come back within 3 or 4 days of starting so you can get yourself organized, buy books, etc. First year is very stressful and working right up until you move, and then starting exhausted by moving is probably a bad idea.


Go on vacation, see family, do things that you need to do with the idea that it will be hard to do those things in the next severa years!

agree with previous two posters - go somewhere and rest and enjoy your time , because when You start school , time will suddenly become very precious.

I have one classmate who travel around the world for about 40 days before school ( Middle East, Europe, Asia) . I wish I could do same.