Test taking Anx

Hello all,

I am new on my path with only 30 units of math and science and 2 classes are prereqs. I have noticed I get really bad anxiety every single exam. I have kept my data—every single class I have taken since I went back to school I score a max. of a B on my final and some were D’s and C’s… this is even with classes that I earned an A…the final was no more than a B. Thankfully my grades prior to finals were MUCH better so I have only gotten one C in a class on the 30 units.

I really need help with any links or good reads for test anxiety. I did not have this issue when I was completing my first undergrad…so I’m not sure what to do about this. The last course this happened in …I completely went blank and went from a B to a C based on the final…luckily I didn’t get lower than a C…and that’s BAD in itself. All help is appreciated…I already bought some holistic anx. self meds and done my own google search.

I, too, have test anxiety issues (well documented among other learning disorders). One way that I have learned how to handle it is to make up practice tests and take them in preparation for each midterm and the final. Better yet, if you know another student in the course, write practice tests for each other.

Another source is the book, Conquering Test Anxiety by Neil Fiore and Susan Pescar. Dr. Fiore also has some audiobook resources. Be aware that much of the book is simply background material on test anxiety and can be skipped; the “meat” of the book focuses on practice sessions with simulated or old test material. In other words, parctice makes perfect.

When I did my initial undergrad years ago, I would sometimes get a little nervous before exams. But nothing serious. Nothing that affected my performance or caused major issues.

But when I took physics during my post-bac, I remember getting extremely anxious before the first test–sweaty palms, racing heart, all of that. What helped me was what datsa suggested–lots and lots of practice questions. That helped me build my confidence and reduce my anxiety. I would recommend trying that. Hope things improve!


I used to teach nursing school, and some of my students had debilitating test anxiety. There was a therapist locally who did EMDR therapy (commonly used for PTSD but actually works very well for test anxiety). Several of my students found this therapy very helpful, in 2 or 3 sessions.

It’s a therapy using programmed eye movements and awareness of anxiety when picturing stressful situations and seems to decrease the stress response. I found it very helpful for PTSD personally, even though it seemed kind of “hokey” I found a therapist myself thru the county mental health association, who was a licensed clinical social worker and not very expensive.

Not sure that you feel your situation warrants it but wanted to offer the suggestion.