Texas Fresh Start

My husband and I decided to move to Texas, just finished unpacking the house. We decided on Texas for a few reasons, most of all (if everything works out) is medical school for me. I have been working on my prereq’s for about 2 years now and have 2 left to go, yay me! I applied to several Texas schools and received a few scholarship offers which helped to seal the deal. My question…my freshman year (21 years ago) was absolutely horrid! My mother had cancer and I was not equipped to deal with being away from home, not being with her and juggling school at the same. That year my gpa was 1.9. My mother passed that next year and I didn’t go back to school until 2011. I applied for the Texas academic freshstart. Does anyone know how ADCOMS look at the freshstart? Do they see your GPA? I know that they look for an upward trend which I certainly have. Fast forward I now have 74 credits with a 3.78 gpa, 3.6 science gpa. I have worked my tail off and will continue to do so with the hopes of taking the MCAT in April of 2014 for 2015 admission (hopefully).

I have read so many incredibly inspirational success stories on this forum which have been invaluable to me. Thank you all for sharing bits of your life and struggles.

So if any of you out there familiar with Texas and the Freshstart Program, I would love some feedback. Thanks!

Texas freshstart helps in texas. Texas med schools have their OWN application service and I don’t know if they see your old grades or not. Applying outside of the state with the AMCAS (MD schools) or AACOMAS (DO schools) application, EVERY grade you ever got will be there…academic forgiveness, freshstart, whatever, does not affect it. They calculate your GPA themselves, pooling all your undergraduate grades, but AACOMAS averages in only the most recent retake of a course if you repeat it.


Kate thanks so much for the quick reply! I am only planning on applying to Texas schools, I am not familiar with the Texas application and how the ADCOMS view the application. I have no problem putting everything down on my app as I can easily explain my poor performance and with my current (this decade :)) gpa and classes I am hoping they will see my hard work and dedication. I am just unsure of how the freshstart is viewed by Texas ADCOMS. I am probably obsessing a bit as it is getting closer to MCAT and application time for me, but being the planner that I am, I like to know what I have ahead of me. Again, thanks so much! I have really enjoyed reading your diary and posts, you’re an incredible inspiration!

You’re welcome! And thanks! Perhaps the Texas app has online directions that address this.


Hello There!

I read your post, it’s not only inspiring but exactly where I am at… well, my gpa isn’t as awesome! My fiancé and I want to move to Texas from AZ. My grades were hooorrrid from like 1999-2001. Have you gotten anymore information on the program (fresh start) that could maybe guide me in the right direction. Maybe process and who to talk to, residency in state. Thank you