The Application Process Has Gotten Me

I recently came across this forum and thought I would become a registered member to seek support during this difficult time that is known as Applying to Medical School. Sorry, I have nothing useful to share in this post…just my woes.

I have been feeling a bit blue these days waiting for my AMCAS (submitted on July 1) to be verified. I feel I may have submitted too late and regret not requesting my transcripts sooner (I had actually requested them early June and one transcript took an entire month to reach AMCAS).

I have average MCAT scores, average undergrad GPA, and I am a reapplicant. The thing I do have going for me are my ECs and work experience, but I wonder if it will even matter now that I’m applying so late in the game.

I’m only applying to allopathic medical schools (personal preference) and did apply broadly. I was very judicious about my selection of schools considering my not-so-stellar numbers.

I don’t think there’s really a question in this post, as I’m just waiting for something (i.e., AMCAS verification) to happen. I guess I’m just hoping for replies about whether I’m too late and should bail now or persist and await the inevitable.

Although it’s important to remain hopeful and optimistic, this process has gotten to me, especially because the issue I had in the previous application cycle was also timing (I had applied in mid-September and didn’t get verified until October, with low scores and a poorly written personal essay).

If there’s anybody (or multiple persons) out there who’s had a similar experience and got through alright, please share. Any shred of hope would be helpful right now.


Farfalle Vive,

Sheesh! You already sound defeated. I would not consider July 1 late, though July 31 would definitely be pushing the envelope of lateness. So I wouldn’t sweat the timing too much. I guess the question I have for you (if you’re willing to share) would be how do you define “average”? Also, have you reworked you personal statement?

This process can certainly be demoralizing to all of us at times. You just can’t let it get the best of you. Good luck this cycle!

Hey, TicDocDoh (and others who may be viewing this thread),

I definitely had a hard time suppressing my defeatish tone in the previous post. I am trying to remain motivated, despite feeling as though I let a really opportune window of time close on me. This feeling will pass…and sooner or later, secondaries will come and I will feel my hopes lifted again.

As for my “average MCAT”, it’s pretty much the national average. I keep thinking that my scores wouldn’t be as strictly scruntinized had I submitted and gotten verified earlier in the cycle.

Yes, I definitely rewrote my personal statement and had many pairs of eyes look it over. That’s part of why it took me a while to get the AMCAS submitted.

Thanks for your well-wishes. I’ll post more positive and encouraging updates in the near future

Farfalle -

Don’t talk yourself out of it!! Sheesh, you will still be in the first few meetings of the admissions committees at many schools.

Might I suggest that instead you look at what you bring to schools. Start a spreadsheet for handling secondaries. I’d include the names of all the schools you applied to, the contact info for their admissions offices, what LOR’s they require for their secondaries (if you have to send something different from the AMCAS ones), and what their questions prompts are for their secondaries if available from their web site.

Include a column for cost of secondary application, date you hear from them, date you send a secondary, any followup contacts, interview date, contact info for interveiwers, and date you send a thank-you letter.

Also, might make another narrative sheet for each school (I did) with info gleaned off their website - what do you like about that school. What questions to you have about it (as you read) so you may mine this later for questions to ask in the interview. Is there something in their mission which connects with your background/experience/int erests that you can remember to talk about in your secondaries, and interviews.

The more attention you give to how you fit what they are looking for and what you have to contribute, the less attention (and angst) you’ll be giving to what you cannot control (the timing of AMCAS verifying your application.

In my own case I submitted a couple of weeks later than I intended, and then AMCAS and AACOMAS took longer to verify than I expected and I was kicking myself thinking that others got “in line” ahead of me and how could I have let that happen… let it go. You application has been sown on the wind, hopefully it will find some good soil - give it a chance!


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