The Comeback Kid

I started college in the fall of 2008. For the first three semesters I literally did nothing. At the beginning of my fourth semester I thought my pre-med dreams were over, but decided to speak with our pre-med advisor one last time. He reviewed my (awful) grades and told me if i turn around, i could still have a chance. Ever since that meeting I have done nothing but work my hardest. Please take the time to review my grades below. I realize this will be a lengthy post but it is necessary for encouragement (or the harsh truth that i dont have a chance) from all of you guys:

Fall 2008

Bio I: F

Bio I Lab: F

Eng. Comp: NC

Pre-Cal: NC

Psych 101: W

Elective: D

GPA: 0.429

Spring 2009

Academic Bankruptcy Declared for this semester; no premed prerequisites though

Fall 2009

Comp. Science: D

Econ: W

Eng Comp.: W

Precal: C-

Psych 101: F

GPA: 0.89

Now the turnaround begins…

Spring 2010

Gen Chem I: A-

Elective: A

Econ I: A+

Eng Comp I: A

Engineering Course: W (i no longer needed it b/c i was back to premed)

GPA: 3.8 (w/ A+'s = 3.97)

Summer 2010

Gen Chem II: B-

Trig: B-

Econ II: W

GPA: 2.67

Fall 2010 (When i really knuckled down and start taking more hours)

Bio I:A

Bio I Lab: A-

O. Chem I: A-

Eng. Comp II: A

Cal.: B+

Psych 101: A+

GPA: 3.765 (w/ A+'s = 3.82)

Spring 2011:

Bio II: A

Bio II Lab: A

O. Chem II: A

O. Chem Lab: A

Stats: A+

Pscyh 365: A

Research: A

GPA: 4.0

Summer 2011:

Research: A+

Physics I: A

Physics II: A

GPA: 4.0

Fall 2011:

Research: A+

Brit Lit I: A+

Psych 355: A+

Psych 356: A+

Psych 372: A

Research: A

Spanish: A

GPA: 4.0

Spring 2012:

either a 4.0 or close to it

So as you can see I have slowly, but surely, improved my grades as i have taken large course loads with difficult courses. I realize that I have something to prove and I am doing my best to prove it. My gpa as of now is around 3.28 (3.35) and my science gpa is around 3.78 (although im not entirely sure how to calculate it). I’m taking the MCAT in May and plan to get a 30 or above( as we all do) and earn 300+ hours experience over the summer. Also, by the time i graduate next May i will have 5 years combined research with at least two publications in organic chemistry and psychology. Not to mention I will be one of few undergrads listed as first author in organic synthesis b/c i have done all of the work for it.

Excuses could be made for my first few semesters, but that is NOT how i roll. My hard work and dedication to school, research, friends, and family is my way of showing that freshman year was a fluke. While keeping in mind that my GPA will go up slightly by the time i apply next fall, what do you guys think, do i have a chance?!?

Nice comeback. The Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 semesters are most impressive. Do you also work?

Physics I and II at the same time,and in summer semester, no less? I didn’t even think that was possible. Good job!

I work 20 to 30 hours a week in my chemistry lab and over the summer i have a real job. They two physics course were completed over the summer, while doing research, and driving 45 minutes at the end of each day to work my summer job at a baseball stadium

Great turnaround! I wish more people realized that anything is possible with A LOT of work. Yes, I said A LOT, I’m sure you would agree.

Stringerbell -

I WOULD say you have a chance. Your final gpa should be enough to get you above automatic cutoffs at some schools so your app is reviewed,at which point the upward trend is clear. Great science GPA. Keep on pushing forward!

One reason I gave up on premed originally (in the 1970’s) was a GPA that was about 3.4 - was under the impression that I didn’t have a chance. Unfortunately got no prenmed advising and didn’t have a clue.




i apologize if bumping is frowned upon. To be honest, this is literally my first time ever to use a forum

The answer to your question, like everybody else who wants to know what there chances are, is YES - everybody has a chance.

Obviously your GPA is great.

The “door opener” I like to call it, is your MCAT score. Do well on the MCAT and you’ll be fine.