The long road ahead

So it is official. Today was my last day of Naval service. School starts on Monday. Still a ways out from applying to med school, but the long journey has officially begun. Come Monday morning, I will officially be a coed. This whole decision to leave the Navy five years shy of retirement in order to pursue this calling has been full of ups and downs and anxiety…lots of anxiety. A buddy of mine who is in his third year of residency in the HPSP program put it best. He said he couldnt figure out if I was a genius or an idiot. If it doesnt pan out as expected, obviously I will go down in the idiot category, but if it does pan out the way I have planned, then I might just be the smartest man alive. Not really, but it will surely make all the naysayers shake their heads in envy. This was never really a pissing contest, but I couldnt help but think about how many people live their lives and when its all said and done and just prior to their last breathe, utter something along the lines of “I should have done it differently.” Thanks Old Premeds for giving me a home away from home of sorts. I look forward to making you all a part of this journey.

Yay, Nate! A milestone!!

Let us know how school is once you get into it! I’m expecting good things


Congrats on taking the steps! You’ve got a website full of people cheering for you. You can do it!


Congrats!! I’ve been on the trail for two years now and although there’s still a long way to go I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and never looked back. Give em hell!

What a great story Nate! Best wishes to you on this new journey.

Thank you all so much!! I am always so encouraged when I hop on this site. First semester almost down. Not much of a challenge thus far, so looking forward to getting beyond my general ed requirements and focusing on the pre-med requirements. Next semester should be a different story. Hope to see you all at next years conference.