TMDSAS Questions

Hello all!

Long time reader, first time poster.

I have a few questions that I would appreciate some feedback on:

  1. I submitted my primary application yesterday. How late am I?

    I have about 6 years experience working in a homeless shelter with lots of leadership and extracurricular activities while there, as well as a good amount of healthcare related activities. I also tutored and managed at a learning facility for 6 years prior to that. I have had all A’s, and 1 B (~60 hours), since returning to complete Math and Biochemistry degrees (though my GPA including my previous coursework is 2.8). My MCAT score was a 32 (8VR, 10BS, 14PS). I feel like I’m a competitive candidate, but may be a bit late in the cycle.

  2. I made an error when submitting my application. While reviewing payment information, I had a momentary lapse and accidentally clicked the confirmation payment button, which also happened to be the submit application button. My application was complete, except for the optional essays. My Personal Statement was missing the last letter and period, and the optional essay 1 included a fragment as essentially a place holder. I contacted TMDSAS to let them know, and they recommended sending in optional essays via emails to schools around the time the application is transmitted to the schools. How detrimental is this to my application?

    My apologies for the long post, and thank you in advance for any input.


For your first question - how late are you. TMDSAS opens in May correct?

This is a month earlier than the AMCAS application and the general suggestion is, get your AMCAS application in before August.

Applying early is the easiest thing that students can do to increase their chances of getting into medical school. Yet it is one of the most overlooked.

As far as your essays and typos - each school will view that differently.

Hopefully they will glance over it. Worse case is they see it as not being prepared and detail orientated.

Good Luck! (p.s. - there is always next year)

Doc Gray,

I appreciate your feedback.

Yes, the TMDSAS application opens in May. I knew this cycle was going to be a bit of a time crunch, and am prepared to try again next cycle with the opportunity to have all aspects complete by opening day.

In the meantime I am looking at beginning coursework for an MPH, so that my time will be well spent and an alternate, though still healthcare related, career is still feasible.

Still, hopefully your app will be released to schools prior to or by early September, at which point there should be plenty of seats left. Many programs are interviewing October thru December, so I’d say you are not completely behind.

The essay thing sounds like good advice. I wouldn’t sweat the letter and period on the personal statement:)



That’s true. Taking into account current processing times, my application should be transmitted before September.

The overall process of application has been a bit taxing, without having much of an idea of how I compare to other students, particularly non-traditional applicants. At this point, all I can do is keep my head down and forge ahead. I’m committed to my goal, and am so grateful for the opportunities before me to achieve it. Thanks for the support.


First of the TMDSAS people are wonderful, so I would simply get in touch, state the problem and ask that they do not transmit your application, so that you have time to submit your essays. Do it fast and get your essays as fast as you can. Essays are extremely important.

For the late thing, you certainly didn’t apply early, but some apply later. Many schools haven’t started to invite for interview so you are OK. At this stage about half or so have started.

Given your background, I do believe you will receive some invitations. Fingers crossed and good luck.


Appreciate the advice. I’m not sure how I feel about calling them again to talk about the same issue. I don’t want to be a pest, but I also want to be able to make my application the best it can be. I’ll have to think on it for another hour or so, and then make a decision.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I think I have a unique situation, but I think everyone does. All depends on whether or not I was able to highlight those areas compelling enough to consider.


if you don’t want to call them again, you can always email them. Chances are your app has not transmitted yet.

I think it is important enough that they will understand. I know that I had several conversation (over 10 emails and a few phone calls), they are very responsive and extremely kind (I don’t know how they do it with the workload they have).

So don’t hesitate. Essays are a big deal. My impression is that many students underestimate the power of well written essays and often time do not put in the time. It took me months to get mine done (half a year of repeated edits).

I wish you the best of luck.