Transcript deadlines?

I have searched around some for the answer to this, and I guess I haven’t found anything that sounds like a definite answer.

Do you have to send your official transcripts to every school you apply for, even if AMCAS has your transcripts? I mean, when you submitted your application naming those schools, did you also send all your official transcripts to those schools? It seems weird to me that they would want them if they aren’t really interested in you, and you might not know that for a while.

The schools all seem to have them listed about two weeks after their last app deadline. I know that two of my schools are very quick with the transcripts, but one really drags their feet from past experiences.

No, you should not have to send any official transcripts to any of the schools you apply to. That’s the whole purpose of AMCAS - they receive the official transcripts and verify that the information you have entered on your application matches with your transcripts.

I can’t recall any school that asked for official transcripts pre-interview invite. The only time I was asked for official transcripts from the schools was after acceptance.

I guess I don’t understand the transcript deadline at all then. You can’t have applied to any of the schools if amcas hasn’t received and verified your transcripts, right? If you make the application deadline, then a transcript deadline doesn’t seem to make sense.

It might be for any courses you took over the summer, post filing your AMCAS application. For example, I took Orgo lab II over the summer. Had to be done before acceptance, but not before application. Therefore, they needed verified transcript showing completion of the lab by their transcript deadline.


“application deadline” = filling-out AMCAS online application, select which schools to receive your primary AMCAS application, paying AMCAS, and hitting submit has to be done by this date

“transcript deadline” = your transcripts have to get to AMCAS by this date, usually two weeks after the “application deadline” to allow enough time to receive transcripts by mail

In establishing these deadlines, medical schools were envisioning a procrastinating premed who waits till the last second to put together a AMCAS application. The deadlines are around 8-12 weeks ahead of the last scheduled admissions committee meeting for the application year. 8-12 weeks is usually the minimum time necessary to put together a total application (primary, secondary, et cetera) that is ready to present before the committee.