Transferring for Undergrad

Hi everyone-

I have a question. Is it detrimental on your med school app to have taken the course of your undergrad studies at different institutions?

I started off at a 4 year university. Then moved back to my home state, Florida. I completed only about 16-20 credits there at a 2 year college in my area. Then I went back to the same 4 year university, where I completed about 60-65 credits.

I have a 3.3 gpa and when I start back, will have to take 2 more years of undergrad premed classes, of which I plan on doing consecutively, with great grades to boost my gpa.

What I am wanting to know is, if I transfer to a different 4 year university, will it hurt me on my med school app? Even if my gpa is up and I really prepare for the mcat?

Should I do everything I can to remain at the same 4 year I’ve always been?

Before I submit my transfer apps to some 4 years, I wanted some solid advice

Thank you in advance!

I hope not, I am on my 5th school. Long Story.

Hi Bestatboth,

I’ve seen this question asked a few times over the past few years, and the concensus is that it’s generally not an issue.

The only time it may be an issue is if you left a 4 year institution to go to Community College because the medical schools might possibly perceive this as trying to avoid harder university coursework to get “easier” A’s.

In your case however, since you’ve gone back to the University and have done well (or are going to do well), the adcoms probably won’t question it, especially if you did well with a strong, recent GPA.

There are many people who apply to medical school that have been in the military or are married to someone in the military, and you probably know, frequent relocation can often be a part of active duty.

Honestly, you have nothing to worry about, but just to solidify things try calling a few medical schools directly. Most admissions reps are very good about answering and returning phone calls, and are often VERY helpful.

I think the WORST that could happen is that a school asks, “Why so many transcripts?” which can easily be explained away without harming your chances of acceptance.

I personally will be submitting transcripts from 3 schools. The schools I’ve talked to made no issue of it.

I hope this helps!


I had seven transcripts. Some were only a course or two (something I needed that I couldn’t get where I was). Oh, that was before my postbac …8 transcripts. Never had a negative ocmment about it. Of course it was spread out - I did mention that I was obviously a life-long learner


Good argument.

I am getting teased as a career student at this point. Oh well!

Bestatboth - I have a few credits from taking few courses here and there (OH, CA, MA) as a non-degree student, and I am transferring those to the 4-yr college I will be starting in Jan-2011. The local med schools in CO did not care about that at all.