UNC -Greensboro Post-Bac program

Hey OPM friends…

I’m seriously looking into the Post-Bac program at UNC-Greensboro, starting next summer. Does anyone here know anything about this program? I’ve spoken to the director and of course he thinks it’s the bee’s knees…but I’d love to hear from anyone & everyone else who can shed more light on the program.


…or any info one might have regarding a different Post-Bac program elsewhere. I’m looking for a program that will allow me to retake some pre-reqs in as little time as possible.

I know that the post-bacc program at Univ of Louisville, doesn’t let in retakes. or maybe it is just me

The program at UNCG does allow retakes, all in 15 months, beginning at the beginning of summer. It’s definitely a challenging schedule. I have all my prereqs done, but it’s been a few years and I would like to take the year to ease back into an academic mentality and prepare for the MCAT.

I did UVA’s postbacc (as it says in my sig!) and think it was fantastic - and more intensive premed advising and preparation than I think you get most places (practice interviews with feedback, vetting your personal statement, lots of group and one-on-one advising). It’s part of their School of Continuing and Professional Education. The head of the Chemistry Department is the Academic Director and personally teaches a 30 person postbacc section of Organic Chemistry for the program, with a hand-selected GTA for a separate lab section.

It’s also 15 months starting in the summer (June) - with Gen Chem 1 and 2 plus lab done over the short summer semester (8 weeks apiece), then Bio, Orgo, and Physics 1 and 2 with labs the next two semesters. Definately not for the faint of heart, but it will get you there! On the plus side, I was very well prepared for the amount of work and studying when I hit med school.


Thanks for the reply Kate! It sounds like the program you did is very similar to the program at UNC-Greensboro. I’m in the Chicago area and was hoping to find something similar here, but no such luck. Looks like I’ll be moving in the near future…

I’ll check out the UVA website and read up on the admissions requirements for the post bacc. Like you, I have a Biology degree already…but I’ve been working in full-time children’s ministry for the last several years and my undergrad feels like an eternity ago.

Best of luck in medical school!! Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience!!


Hey James,

I’m planning to start at UNCG in the postbacc program this coming summer (2011) so I was excited to see your post. Small world!

I’ll be meeting with the director tomorrow morning to learn a bit more about the particulars, but as far as I know the advising and preparatory stuff isn’t as extensive as at UVA. One interesting bit of gossip: I’ve heard that the director of the postbacc at UNCG is married to a member of the admissions committee at UNC’s med school. BUT I can’t vouch for the truthfulness or relevance of that tidbit. I would expect that a lot of the postbacc students (including me) are hoping to get into Chapel Hill.

Good luck with your search for the perfect postbacc. Let me know if you end up coming down to Greensboro; it’d be nice to know someone in the program.


hi stina… i am starting the program this year too! i applied to begin in the fall yet i plan on moving down there the beginning of the summer to get my bearings etc. i’m assuming youre status is “2nd degree postbacc pre med” as well? i am pre-dentistry but i’ll still likely be seeing you around:]

Hi Natat and Stina,

I too will be starting this program this summer. Moving from MD next month to get settled in. I’m a little concerned about starting though, it’s been 7 years since I completed my 1st undergrad degree so I’ll probably be one of the older students At either rate, I’m excited about following my dream!

  • kamGoBlue Said:
Hi Natat and Stina,

I too will be starting this program this summer. Moving from MD next month to get settled in. I'm a little concerned about starting though, it's been 7 years since I completed my 1st undergrad degree so I'll probably be one of the older students At either rate, I'm excited about following my dream!

that's great to hear! what a positive step forward.. have you figured out yet where youre going to live? i have noo idea i probably should start looking soon...

If you haven’t already, talk to Dr. Cannon. He’s a no-BS kind of guy and will tell you exactly what you need to do. UNCG enrolls post-bacs as 2nd Degree Seeking undergraduates, so that will save you a little money since most post-bacs pay graduate tuition rates, regardless of the level of classes they take.

He is married to a member of UNC Chapel Hill’s admissions board, but that would not help you beyond him knowing how the admissions process goes at a good medical school

P.S. Never, ever tell him you want to be a doctor because “I really like [E.R., Grey’s Anatomy, etc.]” Also, never mispronounce “post-baccalaureate” as “post-bachelorette”. Apparently this is pretty common, and he has a very funny definition for such a program!