USMC Veteran and RN focusing on medical school admission

I’m looking to finding out how to fill the holes in my application going forward. I’m over a year out from applying and still have four pre-reqs to finish (Orgo1,orgo2, physics2, and biochem) with a current cGPA of 3.54 and sGPA of 3.45. I’m a Marine Corps veteran with four years of service. Additionally, I’m a fairly new registered nurse with just over a year of experience. As far as volunteering goes I’m looking at spending about 4 hours a week at one of the local hospice services. Other than doing well on the MCAT and the final classes what can I do to set myself up for a success when the time comes to apply?

Hey SgtRN
Instead of typing this out every time, I’ve just decided to paste a list that another user made, which makes this so much easier to follow. A great overview of a completed list can be found at Should I Even Consider Applying Next Cycle?

Schools to which you are applying (this matters way more than people give credit):
Cumulative GPA (upward trend?):
Science GPA:
MCAT Score(s):
Research (hours, in what):
Volunteering (clinical) – include hours/sites:
Volunteering (non-clinical) – include hours/sites:
Physician shadowing – include hours/specialties:
Extracurricular activities (leadership and fun):
*Employment history (hours and where):

Immediate family members in medicine? (y/n):
Specialty of interest:
Interest in serving underprivileged demographic:
Gleaming and beaming letters of recommendation (schools require different letters from specific individuals - science/nonscience/physician/work/etc.):
Personal statement (WHY do you want to be a physician - show dont tell, never “I like science/helping people”):
Up to 3 “most meaningful” experiences:

This is a pretty comprehensive, but base level list of experiences that committees are looking for you to have had. Please never forget that GPA/MCAT get you an interview, everything else gets you into med school. You need to be passionate about everything you do and have a why behind it all. This is not a “checklist”, but rather a tool to ensure that you are learning about what adcoms expect you to know. In your essays, always show never tell your story. Don’t include cliche “I’m a good leader because of ‘xyz’.” Tell a story for every experience, and how you made a significant impact on others.

The average GPA/MCAT as of last year is: DO- 3.54/504 ; MD- 3.7/510.

What’s up devil,
Hard to say in general terms, but I would say some advice I’ve gotten specific for being a vet is in your personal statement definitely talk about your service but also bring up other experiences since the service that have helped shaped your desire to become a physician. Sounds like you have some great experiences, main thing would just be shaping a consistent narrative of ‘why medicine, and why now’ throughout your application will help.