Volunteering at VA medical centers

For those of you looking for volunteer oportunities, the Veterans Affairs medical centers and clinics seem to always be in need.

I made initial contact about 2 months ago and just served my first 5-hour shift today. There was an application process and a short interview with the nursing staff of the unit where I am assigned.

At the local VA medical center, I was given the option to apply to the ER or the spinal cord injury unit, and I chose the latter.

My first day involved feeding quadraplegic patients and attending to non-medical care needs of the patients such as ensuring they have fresh water, helping the nurses to move them, etc. I also helped with some clerical duties (answering phones, data entry, etc.). Overall, volunteers are needed at this specific unit so the nurses can spend more time on the medical tasks. I found it to be a great exposure to this area of health care, and I also enjoyed the conversations with the patients during the meal times.

Bottom line: the VA is a good place to start for those looking for volunteer opportunities. www.VA.gov should get you there.

Best wishes to all in your medical journey.

Great idea ! Hope some folks don’t skip this topic because they are thinking “Virginia” rather than Veterans Administration.


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