Volunteering questions

In looking for more volunteer opportunities in my area, I’m looking at becoming a first responder with the local volunteer fire department. Would this be something that looks good on an application, or does it fall in line with the emergency room volunteering, in that it doesn’t provide enough patient interaction?

There is also a rural health organization that does the occasional multi-day clinics in some poor areas, where they provide free medical, dental, vision for the locals. I was looking to do some work with them as well, but it’s nothing regular. A few days here and there.

We don’t really have much in the way of free clinics in my area, so after these two things, I have only hospitals to work with. Any other ideas?

I’d definately do the rural health organization even if it is not a lot of hours. Would be good exposure, particularly if you are interested in rural med, and in any case would provide another experience to talk about in your AMCAS application and at interviews.

Someone else will have to answer re the first responder question. I certainly included my volunteer firefighter experience (even though it was many years ago) - don’t know if it helped or not