What are you doing for the holiday break?

I know this question is a bit late (maybe) but what is everyone doing for their winter Holiday break before the next semester starts back up again???

I, for one am really pushing to create a lasting balance between working and exercising. As of now I’ve been really fortunate not to let school overwhelm me. As I feel the pressure of stress building I tend to go indoor rock climbing, road biking, running, even swimming (indoor of course; its way too cold outside.)

Come next week I’ll be visiting my mom in Orlando for a few days and then I guess its back to the grind of it all. Keeping oneself grounded in a support group or activity is essential in this stage of the game, IMO.

Anyone else???

Julio Cesar -

Good on ya’ ! Really important to have that balance with exercise. I couldn’t do my regular exercise for more than a month due to a leg problem, but got back to the stationary bike today!

I got out Friday the 16th and have pretty much not studied till today - spent time with family, traveled a bit to visit my daughter, and then to stay at my mom’s for christmas (she had 21 for Christmas dinner) and visit with relatives. Lovely relaxing. Lots of sleeping late, and afternoon naps and walks in the woods. Beginning to feel more human

My school starts on the 3rd. Using these last 5 days to ease back into studying with some prep work for classes, some boards prep (I’m a 2nd year med student), and getting my apt., bills, etc organized. Still a little recreation.


Honestly, I am backing off all the books and just sinking time into my family. My daughter really puts up with a lot during semester (she’s 4), and I just feel like this is her time, along with my husband’s.

I’m doing a little MCAT prep, but mostly just enjoying the breather. Still working full time, of course, but my nights are mine for two more weeks!

Happy holidays, all!!!

I spent christmas eve with my family and all of my niece and nephews (I have 2 nephews and 4 nieces). It was fun and the kids are always a joy to see and spend time with.

However, it looks like I’ll doing absolutely nothing for new years :frowning: I might even be asleep before the new year begins. Kind of sad but not much I can do when I’m not in school and is currently single and kind of on the broke side sigh

Anyway, I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season. May the new year bring lots of joy and happiness in your life.

I went back to rural Mexico to do more medical and dental work and some ethnographic fieldwork. I saw a lot of interesting cases, most of them surgical, and even correctly diagnosed a few. I am going back to Mexico again at the end of the month. Before that I spent the holidays with my brother’s family. Then I revisited my reasons for going to medical school and used that renewed energy to review my study skills, revise my personal statement, and resume studying for the MCAT.

Woohoo! That sounds great Datsa! Finding your inspiration to push on is sooo important!

Good job!