Which did you choose: MD, DO or Carib?

Hi Med Students,

I’m curious…which type of med school were you accepted into and ultimately chose to attend? MD, DO or Caribbean program/school?

In reading posts and diaries, I’m thinking mostly DO students are on this forum? Am I wrong?

Also, if this is in the wrong place or posted elsewhere, please enlighten me!


I applied 6 DO and 5 MD. At the time I accepted admission to WVSOM (a DO school) I had been accepted at 2 other DO schools (all pretty close together), waitlisted at an MD school, interviewed at another but withdrawn from general admission to apply to a special rural health program they were starting that I heard about on the day of my interview, so was scheduled for a secondary interview for that program), had another MD interview scheduled, was rejected by one MD school and still waiting to hear from 2 MD and 2 DO programs. Since WVSOM was my first choice I withdrew my other applications (which was specified as something I needed to do to send in my deposit). Some people however will pay a deposit at one program to ensure they have a place somewhere but continue thru the full interview process and wait to hear from everyone.

Did not consider applying Carib due to increased uncertainty in getting a residency.


I got accepted to 3 MD schools and chose my state school mainly due to cost and location (no need to relocate or my wife finding another job). I actually liked Temple better during the interview process but the $54K a year was just too much. I applied to DO schools as well but they got back to me later than the MD schools did.

Now that I’m in medical school (1st week) there are definitely aspects that I like about my school so far:

  1. Tuition Cost (in state tuition is 30k)

  2. Resources available to students (review sessions on weekends, tutors are available for free if you request it, mid-unit exams that don’t count towards the grade but allow you to gage how you’re doing, faculty that reaches out if you’re not doing well, recorded lectures online, all powerpoint slides online, etc)

  3. There are 3 hospitals next door so I will have plenty of clinical opportunities