Which postbacc program to do?

I would like to poll those who have completed a postbacc cert or program, which program did you choose and why? Did it help fill in the gaps if you didn’t otherwise complete a bio degree in addition?

My background:

I have a BBA from 2005, completed all med prereqs 2007-2008 and a few extras. GPA 3.52/SGPA 3.3 Took the MCAT twice in 2008 only managing to score 22 (was preggers at the time and dealing w other personal issues) so I’ve had 2 kids since. Became a SAHM and finally picked back up this yr, studied, and took MCAT in Aug to see where I’m at. Scored PS 7 VR 4 (yuck!!) BS 8. Not acceptable so I have more work to do. I already have a plan for VR ( which i previously scored 9 in 2008) and I feel more postbacc work will help 1) to sharpen my science skills and get my mind fresh to take the MCAT one final time and score a few point higher in the science sections, and 2) because I have been out of the game (school) now for 4 yrs. I think adcoms would question my academic ability. With the time gap, I feel like I’m just out of practice. I think a real certificate program or something that favors pre-med more specifically will help. Hence my original questions above. Anyone else have a similar story? Thanks!

PS I hope it was ok to post my question here!

Try reposting this in the “Premedical Discussion” General Forum to see if you’ll get more responses. I don’t have any specific information on postbaccs, as I did an informal one piecemeal at local schools.

You may also be able to glean a lot of information on how to better prepare for the MCAT on the premed MCAT forum. Something that I found essential was to take as many of the AMCAS practice tests as I could to learn how to pace myself on the real MCAT. Spending too much time on questions can end up trashing your score - you need to learn when to just give your best reasoned guess and move on, or else you lose out on points from questions whose answers you know cold.

Do not even try to retake the MCAT until you can consistently score in your goal range on the practice tests taken under realistic conditions. A third low MCAT score will be a significant red flag for med schools.

Good luck, and hopefully reposting in the other forum will get you more answers to your primary question!

I took the postbacc program at UVA in Charlottesville, VA. I took it because they did not have a problem with my repeating prereqs which I had already taken (with a good grade) but many years previously (about 30). What they offered was guarenteed registration (which they took care of) in the prereq courses we needed (for organic chem in a special "post-bacc premed section taught by the dept head, who was also academic dean of the program). They had some flexibility --some folks already had chem and took biochem —but the core of it was a 1 year pass thru all the required prereqs plus an additional seminar taught by the medical director of the program on the american health care system (mainly, I think, so we could speak intelligently on it in interviews). The other supports this program offered was an MCAT prep course included in the tuition, a committee letter, and practice interviews (plus tutors as needed for each class). Fabulous although somewhat costly program. I don’t know how much flexibility there is regarding what courses you may take instead of the core prereqs but if you don’t ask, you won’t know. It is thru the School of Professional and Continuing Education and not immediately obvious from their web site …if you want more info let me know and I’ll hunt down a goood link for you.


Thanks for the feedback Annette; I’ll repost there too.

Kate, I found the program online. Thanks!!