Yay! I passed!

I also (along with Linda) received the good news last week that I passed the USMLE Step 1. I would have liked to have scored a little bit higher (wouldn’t we all!), but I scored about where I expected I should, and my score should not pose any barriers to matching into my desired residency.

Now I can move on to fretting about my research, midterms and the like.

Amy, I am so happy for you! Way to Go!! Congratulations!!

AWESOME! Congrats!!!

Congrats, Amy! That’s some good news .

Woo HOO! Great work Amy!

Way to go Amy!!!




Go, Amy!

Amy, yaaaaaay for you! If you ask me, Step 1 was THE WORST. I took Step 2 shortly after completing 3d year - so the six major clinical rotations, and their shelf exams, were relatively fresh in my mind. It was MUCH easier because it was more clinically oriented.

And for me, Step 3 was a breeze - since my intern year in FP was kind of like third year of med school, rotations in all the major areas. In E-med, you’ll likely do something similar.

So you’ve jumped over a HUGE hurdle here, girl! Way to go!


Hm. Silly me. I posted this in the wrong forum. Shows you what Step 1 will do to your brain.

Thanks for all the congrats. It felt great to get that out of the way and even better to know that I passed with a competitive score for EM.

Since I’m taking the year off of med school to work on my MPH this year, I haven’t really given much thought to third and fourth year or Step 2 yet. On one hand, I would like to take Step 2 early and get it out of the way. But, I have also been advised that I should strongly consider putting it off as long as possible as it can only hurt me if I do poorly and I don’t stand to gain that much by doing well. In any case, I don’t have to worry about a test of that magnitude again for awhile (THANK GOODNESS!)

Congratulations!!! You’re an inspiration to us overwhelmed MS1s.


Excellent! Thats what you get for working your keester off. :wink:



Friday, Dec. 21 at 11am for me. I’m so nervous about the last anatomy block exam that I could throw up! I am exactly at passing-- if I pass it, I pass the course; if I fail it, I fail the course. I’m so sick of close shaves, my new year’s resolution is definitely to achieve a zone of comfort and confidence in all my courses. (At least in time for the USMLEs!)

Otherwise my DC panel appearance will only be good for the What Not To Do forum. KIDDING!


Good luck on your exam! I know what you’re feeling. Anatomy is so hard! I’m trying to catch up this weekend, and review for the final; mine is on the 19th. Right now I’m slightly above passing point…I did really well on my second exam, but with failing my first one as badly as I did it’s a miracle that I’ve made up for it. I’m trying to do my best getting ready for ‘Head and Neck’ part. Hopefully we’ll both do great on our finals!


Kasia and Matt, good luck to both of you as you study for your anatomy exams this week!

Gluck to ya both . I’d wager you both know your stuff better’n you give yourselves credit for. Go kick ass!

Good luck to you both. Trust me I know about close shaves and I am making sure that from now on, I too have more leeway than just the final exam.

Hey Matt, my good wishes will be with you on the 21st.