YES, I have an interview.....

I started this journey 3 years ago this July (for the second time). I started with great hopes and dreams that nothing could stop me. However, within 6 months on my journey, my husband got cancer and died one year later. Yes, there were a lot of reasons, why I should have never completed my prereqs, but I refused to give up. I probably only missed 4 to 5 classes during this time and those were close calls him.

One night I was evaluating all the 100 of hours of volunteer work, studying and my commitment to becoming a doctor, and it hit me. THINK outside of the box. How far will I go, at what length would I travel to become a doctor? I said there’s no limit.

Only one of my husband’s doctors graduated from a US medical school. And he saw several doctors. The rest of them all studied somewhere else. I would even ask doctors that I might run into in the elevators, where did they go to medical school and 98% of them studied abroad.

So, why not apply to a carribean med school with strong ties to US clinicals and respected in US. So, I applied to Ross…Now, Im literally one week away from my interview and ready to get started this Sept.

Life is good.

Kudos to you! You have worked through much to get in the past few years. Congrats to you and best wishes on your interview and your future work as a med student and physician!

Ross is certainly one of few the places to go in the Caribbean. Congrats…

Congrats. I have a question a little off topic. When you interview with a Carib. Med School, do they interview you stateside or do you have to travel there? While the idea of throwing in a Carribean vacation in with a med-school interview sounds great, it also sounds pricey.

No, Im interviewing right in my city. Ironically, Ross has admission reps throughout the US.

Im really impressed thus far…

Thanks everyone for the congrats…Im half way there…No, Im there…YES…

Way to go!!

My interview today went very well…

It lasted about 1 hour. I had a lot to say. Very few questions were asked. I’m wondering is that good?

He had pages and pages of question but, I think a answered most of them within my answers. He stated that some interviews, he has to pull teeth and others the information flows freely.

THe questions asked:

  1. Are you from Houston?

  2. We talked about my many transcripts.

  3. We went over my MCAT scores. How did I study for MCAT? What was the most difficult part of the MCAT for me?

  4. Have I lived outside of the US before?

  5. We went over my clinical, shadowing and research experience. What I gained from those experiences.

  6. What questions did I have: My main concern was the quality of education, providing the proper tools to compete in the US, and partnering with a reputable institution with strong US ties, My son adapting to the new environment: meeting friends, etc. Is it still required to take the NBME COMP before taking the USMLE? What retention support available, as far as improving study techniques, etc.

    Within my answers, I answered the questions:

    WHy do I want to become a doctor, Why Ross, WHy a doctor instead of a nurse, how I got to the decision to become a doctor, my oppositions and triumphs on this path, my family buy-in and support, why my years of experience has given me the strength and ability to complete tasks I start. I expressed my determination and I realize that as long as Ross provides me the tools needed to successfully pass the USMLE, it is up to me to compete effectively in the market place. I understand that 100%. So, the why I am a great candidate for admission, whether I get a degree from UofH or Cal State, it is up to me to do something with the degree and reach places I desire to go. It’s a partnership.

    I also let him know, that Im aware that Ross is not on a vacation resort island. Im not concerned about shopping malls, etc. I realize the 16 month sacrifice on the island is not a lifetime. So, with that in mind Im focused and driven on the task in front of me; and that’s to get the information need to move to the next level.

    So, overall I feel my day with DESTINY went well…

    It feels good.

Hi Jobush,

Happy to read that things went well (at least so it seems). Keep us posted.

I was accepted for the Sept 2011 matriculation…

YEs…I found out last Friday evening…

Im excited…


Congrats. What an excellent news. As I always say: "Enjoy the ride (MD-4 years).

Congrats, Jobush!!


WoooHooo!! Congrats!

Two words. Awe-Some

Congratulations Jobusch, that’s fantastic!

Thank you all…Im soooo excited…

Check out my blog sometimes…Become a follower…as I express my excitement on this journey…


Good luck to all of you on your journey…