Application Season 2013-2014

Let the Hunger Games…BEGIN!!!

Jeez I remember this post of yours from last year. Time flies. Today TMDSAS opened the new application season as well.

Incredible. I wish you all the best. We were here last year.

And may the odds be EVER in your favor!

I have to say, it was quite a thrill to start putting in my information to AACOMAS today. I’ve worked a VERY long time on this and to finally be at this point is a thrill!

I started on my pre-med when I was 20, had less than stellar grades and a couple non-starts after that and now, 22 years later, I’ve got my act together and all the courses successfully done with my gpa intact. I finish Physics II in 4 days and I’m done with the Physics II lab as of today.

Even though I know this process will probably try my patience in different ways, I’m still excited to see names start appearing in this category!


Looks like you osteopath applicants get a head start. AAMCAS doesn’t open until May 8th.

Many blessings to everyone applying to medical school this year!

Oh. My. Goodness. How is it already time for a new chapter of application season??? It feels so weird to be moving over into the “attending medial school” category and out of the “applying to medical school” zone. Wow. How did we all get here??

I’ve been in my own cocoon for a few months, but some of my favorite people are applying this cycle, so I just wanted to drop by and celebrate with you guys… Good luck!! You are all fantastic, and I can’t wait to see all the victories!

Congrats to all of you: those who have made it through med school, those about to begin, and those who are getting ready to apply. It’s so exciting when all of the preparatory premed work is done and you finally get to apply to med school. For those just entering the upcoming application cycle I wish you all the best of luck!



Good Luck to all applying!

Good luck everyone. Whether you’re re-applying or going in for the first round, Team OPM is behind you.

It’s just UNREAL that this is all happening.

I have completed ALL but 1 section on the AMCAS (work experience), LOR’s have been submitted to the pre-med office, and personal statement is done! Now all that’s left is to request transcripts and…actually take the MCAT

In any event, I’m ready for this roller coaster ride. It’s going to be damn EXCITING!

I watched so many OPMer’s on this thread last year…from application to acceptance. It is SOOOOO inspiring for me!! Rock and Roll !!!

  • VickiV Said:
I watched so many OPMer's on this thread last year...from application to acceptance. It is SOOOOO inspiring for me!! Rock and Roll !!!!!

I feel the same! I am applying this year and I followed last season's applicants closely and found everyone very inspirational! I'm so proud of everyone! - From the Tumblr world, a current med student willing to read and edit your statement for free as long as you send it before May 20th. While s/he may not have the best feedback, every set of experienced eyes can help.

That being said, I will be available to do the same to OPMers for a small 3-day window the week prior to June. I’ll post when I’m ready, and help everyone who I can in that time frame. Get your personal statement started now, because you need to be a few drafts in to benefit.

Consider this your pre-conference preparation. And if you are applying this year - GO. TO. CONFERENCE. Best decision of my life, totally changed my time frame for application and really helped me figure out A Plan.

The 3-day window opens… today. From June 1st to the 3rd send me a private message with your email address and I’ll get in touch.

I can only promise one read-through and edit per person, but I’ll try to help out more, time permitting. Good luck everyone - viva la OPM!

I will try to do the same. I can look at 1 or 2 PS and edit. Not many more I am afraid.

A word of caution. If you feel comfortable sharing your PS, then it is not ready. You should expose yourself, in a very intimate way. Thus it should be very private and you should not feel comfortable sharing your PS. Then you know that the “Personal” part of the statement is in there.

I can look at the content more than the form (English not being my native language).


Do you still have time to review a personal statement?


I am working on three right now. Give me until next week. I will get back to you.

AMCAS 100% complete and I’m ready to go!

I am still waiting for my transcripts to be “received” which I knew too a while but I am still shocked by the length of the process.

Of course I can’t submit until I hear either way about the linkage I applied for. On the plus side, I should hear about that in the next 48 hours (!!).

If I have to do the regular cycle, I am looking at around 25 schools and thousands of dollars.

I’m pretty much ready to submit, but I think I’m going to wait a day or two as I want to really go through it with a fine toothed comb and I’m out of town at the moment. While I can certainly submit from anywhere, I think I will wait until I’m home again.

However, transcripts were received by AMCAS today and thus far 3 of my 5 Letters of Eval have been received also so that makes me feel good!

Best of luck dnelsen on the linkage program! I’m guessing it’ll be great news.