Military Scholarships

I am not sure if anyone else posted this. Just came across this link about scholarships. I haven’t researched it myself. So I don’t know the facts and am not sure about what pre-conditions apply:…

You can get the details about each military branch’s scholarships on their respective websites.

There are also some OPM’ers who are currently serving in the military.

Any opmer’s know if you can apply for the scholarship and just not take it? I am interested in HPSP and want to get on the application now since it is pretty competitive, but I don’t want to lock myself into something until I am 100% sure.

No obligation in applying till you raise your right hand and sign on the dotted line.

Well then since I have an acceptance I guess I should get the process rolling.

Bailey pup

Let me know if you have any questions about HPSP.



Would you rather me pm them or just lay them out here as I go.


  1. Is there anything wrong with applying to more than one branch?

    I ask b/c I contacted both AF and Army. My preference is AF but if I don’t want to bank on only one scholarship since they are so competitive. I just got off the phone with the AF guy and had a meeting with the Army guy this morn. The AF guy was like “I’m not gonna work so hard for you if I think you will sign with the Army.”


I applied to all 3 services (AF, Army, Navy) just to hedge my bets. I wouldn’t tell the different recruiters that you’re applying to all 3 programs. I can tell you from my own experience that the Air Force has the least number of HPSP scholarships to give away so you’ll want to apply ASAP now that you have an acceptance in hand. Also, the HPSP selection process is long and drawn out, especially if you need to obtain waivers before your application can be considered. I am nearsighted and the waiver process took 3 months for me.

Just to give you an idea of the timeline we’re talking about, I made first contact with a recruiter on December 10, got the scholarship on July 1 of the following year and took the commissioning oath on August 8. You don’t want to dilly-dally if you’re serious about this, especially if you’re over 35 without prior service and need an age waiver - that will eat up a lot of time.

Your obligation doesn’t start until you receive money from them. I’m with the Air Force and when I went to officer training there were people that came the first day and went home because it was “too much for them” and there were no repercussions.

So even when people say that your obligation starts when you raise your hand and sign the line it’s not totally true. You can recant that action later. I know people that have; however, I’d keep with the military. I love it so far. We’ll have to see what tune I’m singing when it comes time for repayment.

I applied to both Army and AF as I was torn on what service I wanted. My AF recruiter didn’t hold it against me and the Army guy worked really hard to sway me over. The AF guy was the first I started with but also wasn’t sure I would get the medical waiver I needed from the AF. So if you need any waivers, you could approach it that way as the AF is more difficult with waivers (I think).

If AF is your number one choice, then since he knows, be honest that AF is what you want, but that you need/want “a” scholarship, so you need to apply to both. Hopefully, they will understand.

Before you commit to an HPSP scholarship, which tends to carry lengthy commitments to service, consider a year-for-year program.

A doctor I worked under in the Navy joined that service as an MS1, and the Navy gave him a full scholarship, + living stipend, for a year-for-year payback, minus residency (which could be at either a civilian or military hospital). The doctor that was senior to him went the HSPS route and owed a total of 13 years of service, again, minus the residency. I came across a flyer at a school in Riverside, CA, last year from Naval officer recruiters detailing the same program, so it is apparently still around.

Go Navy and be a dive doc with marsoc! I might take that route myself to avoid debt and have a sweet first md gig.

The preceding post is incorrect. It is The Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences (USUHS) gives you a 7+ year commitment. HPSP is a year-for-year program. There is no guarantee of a civilian residency unless you do the Financial Assistance Program (FAP). That’s because FAP doesn’t start until you are in residency. You go through med school like everyone else, taking loans, going through the match, etc. Then FAP gives you a set amount of money for a specific number of years commitment. HPSPers tend to go to civilian residency at times (very specialty and service dependent) because USUHS students are guaranteed military residency spots.

Hope this makes sense.

Tara had another HPSP question. Filling out my application the SSG wanted to know my active duty preference. I originally told him bases close to home (ie Ft Knox and Campbell), but the wife brought up a good point about the size of the hospitals there and how much I would enjoy it. Two Questions:

  1. Are the choices I am mking now in regards to this set in stone? In 8 years will I have to go where I select right now or if my attitude changes after residency can we go somewhere else?

  2. When selecting where you want to be stationed is there more variety or excitment going to a bing AMC than say being stationed at Ft. Knox?

    As always thanks for you help.

So I have big news today. I got selected for Army HPSP. I am pretty stoked about this as it ends a lot of concern for my financial status during school and I am really looking forward to serving and practicing medicine.

AWESOME!!! That has to be a huge relief, and I am SO excited for you and your wife! Wow, what a year!!! =)

It has been quite a year with both blessings and low points, but it seems like everytime we have a concern we get an answered prayer.

Next up, Mayp next week and hopefully a diagnosis for Mrs Baileypup.

Fingers crossed… prayers lifted… let us know!

Congrats Bailey! That’s a large load off of your shoulders.


Just watched “Facing the Giants” - very inspirational movie and it quoted the verse that says “He opens doors that no man can shut”. I really feel like that in my own life and see it so much in others as well.