Snooki is worth more than an Doctor..

$291,500.00…amazing. I can’t believe students have to pay this much to become a physician. Doctors are probably the most important citizens in society. The economic hardship that colleges and universities put on these future doctors is both evil and unacceptable. We live in a society that allows talentless whores such as Snooki and Kim Kardashian to earn millions and produce absolutely nothing for society. Maybe we should “Occupy Medical Schools” next. I bet if any of these people were diagnosed with cancer or having a heart attack I am sure they would not want these talentless bimbos or overpaid athletes to be responsible for their care. Astonishing.

Yeah, for me it’s (gulp)340,000.



  • MotorCityPreMed Said:
Doctors are probably the most important citizens in society... The economic hardship that colleges and universities put on these future doctors is both evil and unacceptable.

LOL, is this a serious post or a joke?

Yes, this is real post. What is so “unreal” about it??

Although the sum is hefty, it’s only 1.5X the average yearly salary for a physician. Therefore, although burdensome, you’ll certainly be able to pay it back. The fees are high because educating physicians is expensive, and provided you become licensed, you’re a “safe bet” from a business standpoint.

Though physicians are obviously important, I’m hesitant to say they’re more important than teachers, soldiers, police, fire, or anyone else really. I desire to become a physician, but hope I avoid the hubris of overt self importance.

My two cents anyways…


  • Guitardan77 Said:
The fees are high because educating physicians is expensive

Specifically in the US, and I wonder why. In many developed countries the cost is not as high. And by many metrics, the medicine in the US doesn't appear to be best in the world (although the technology is).

I am right in the middle of an English paper that deals with health care. I am reading lots of crazy things.

The state of things, especially when it comes to the cost of education is very sad.

As going as far to say that physicians are the most important citizens in society, I can't understand the premise for this statement.

This just might sound awkward, but these women have found their niche in society. As much as I have no desire to be on a television show or in the media, they don’t have desire to be a physician. There craft, that is, marketing themselves, is just as hard for them as me preparing for admission to medical school.

To have access to this game, we have to know how to play. If it means that I will need to take out a loan equivalent to that of a small condo in Los Angeles, then I guess that is what I will have to do.

As a sit in class, I always think that I have been “blessed with the curse of wanting to be a doctor - it is not an easy road, but…(shrugging shoulders)”

Yes, the cost of medical school is very high. But we have all chosen this path, knowing that. That’s not to say I am happy about it, but it is what it is.

So while I agree that this high cost may be frustrating, I do not agree with the tenor of the initial post on this thread. I find it unprofessional on a pre-professional society’s Web site - a public forum, which may be read by anyone - to call other people “whores,” no matter what they might do for a living.

In addition, I agree with Guitardan and redo-it-all that calling doctors the most important people in society is inaccurate, at best. Yes, physicians are important, but I believe everyone has an important role to play in society. I remember a couple of years ago, the garbage collectors in the town where I lived and worked went on strike. It was a complete disaster - garbage went uncollected for some time, and the village eventually had to arrange pick-ups for sanitation and health reasons (at great cost to the taxpayers). Since then, I have not taken their work for granted - they play an essential role in society. As do teachers, nurses, police, firefigheters, social workers, waiters, cashiers, etc. Perhaps they have not all gone through so much education to reach their positions, but that does not mean they are not important.

I think a significant aspect of being a physician is being nonjudgmental and valuing each patient for who they are. That’s the kind of physician I want to be, at least.

  • terra_incognita Said:

I think a significant aspect of being a physician is being nonjudgmental and valuing each patient for who they are. That's the kind of physician I want to be, at least.

I couldn't have said it better than that!

I hesitated posting on this thread because I did not want to be confrontational, but I fully agree with those who have posted. Yes, the cost of medical education is pretty high, but then going into this profession is a choice. No one’s being held at gunpoint or forced to go into this unwillingly at a cost of 1000s of $. And those who go in willingly have resources - either a high income via well-paying specialties, or IBR/loan forgiveness for those working in low(er)-paying primary care positions in the boonies, military scholarships, etc. And I too agree that labeling people is uncalled for. Every profession has its place in society.

All said and done, dear OP, I’d say this: we are not piling on you. Yes, it’s scary, but relax. If you choose this path, the financial aspects will take care of themselves over time. Don’t worry about the $. If this is what you want, go for it. The $ stuff can be worked out. OP, you still there?

Their niche? You’re joking right? If drinking, hooking up with random people and being a HORRIBLE role model for younger girls in society is your idea of someone finding their “niche” then you are clinically insane.

If you are that sensitive then maybe you should not go into medicine. Everything I said about snooki is a FACT. Apparently you haven’t watched the show or you must be one of those lunatic liberals who simply defend everyone for anything they do. Doctors are professionals yet they get hit, spit on, slapped and called every name in the book by their patients at times. If you are a physician are you simply gonna tell them “I am sorry, I am Dr. Terra-incognita and I am a professional. I am offended by your statements and refuse to treat you”? Get real.

In regards to Physicians being more important than other occupations in society…YES, they totally are. Teachers are important but they do not save lives. Anyone can teach, anyone can stop a criminal, anyone can collect garbage but NO ONE but a surgeon can save you from a ruptured appendix. Your views and points are unrealistic and ridiculous…unless we were living in a "utopia:.


this is nonsense. So physicians save lives. Who come up with the drugs? Who teaches these folks in the first place? Who makes sure that laws are respected?

This kind of statements don’t have their place on a forum like this.

Okay…so if we are ALL EQUAL then WHY IS A MEDICAL EDUCATION MORE EXPENSIVE THAN ALL THE OTHERS!!! It makes no sense. Residents actually make LESS than minimum wage if you break their pay down hourly.

Why would it not have a place in this forum? Is someone NOT allowed to bring up something controversial here?? Are we suppose to all hold hands and sing Kumbaya? Issues such as tuition and pay need to be discussed.

My main point is that worthless people such as snooki and kim kardashian are paid WAY more than those who actually do something for society. I suppose you must be SUPER LIBERAL to participate in conversations here. I wont be participating in the forums again here. Maybe I’ll make an anti-oldpremeds facebook page. I know there are many, many people over at SDN that despise this site. Good luck to you all.

No, we don’t have to sing Kumbaya unless we want to (out of boredom more than anything else.) And we can certainly bring up controversial subjects (many members have.) But we should/can be decent about it. And it does not matter if we’re super liberal or super conservative. There’s room here for all of us.

  • MotorCityPreMed Said:
Maybe I'll make an anti-oldpremeds facebook page. I know there are many, many people over at SDN that despise this site. Good luck to you all.

Talk about having a fly in your soup.

Anyone got a fly-swatter they can loan me? Or a can of Raid?

Well dullhead, I wish what you say was true. However, from what I have read on the forums and the reaction from my original post I think it is safe to say that the majority of this site is Liberal. This means there is no place for me here. I do appreciate your kindness in response to my posts. I do wish you well in your journey! :slight_smile:


One of the things that makes OPM so great is the fact that we are a community. The website, particularly the forums, are not pretty in design. But OPM has something other pre-med sites do not - a large group who shares information and supports each other along the way.

Kate, Dan, Redo, TJJ, Terra and Dull don’t come on here because they have loads of free time, but because they know that there are countless new OPM’ers, just starting on the journey we are all on. Each of them is in a different part of that journey, and offers advice to anyone who’s story is like their own. But they all also reach out to those with different stories, frequently doing research to answer questions for new OPM’ers overwhelmed by the idea of starting, or continuing, this journey.

We don’t have a set of rules listed on a webpage, which we probably should do at some point. But in every thread it’s as if we pretend that we’re all sitting together in a coffee shop, having a conversation. So we’re always polite to each other - we don’t call each other names or hurl four-letter words around - even if we disagree.

I love a good devil’s advocate discussion, and the general thread is the right place for it. But please imagine yourself at that coffee shop when you post, and remember that we’re all friends here. You’ll enjoy your visits more, and we’ll have better conversations.

Edit - Well, a lot happened in here while I was taking forever to type this. But I still stand by what I said.


You’ll be surprised to know that I’m a pinko-commie, as all of us here in California are. I don’t claim a place here any more than others. And I don’t know if this site is “liberal.” But even if it is, I do think that everyone has a place here. That includes you. So I wish you well in your journey. Please participate - it benefits everyone.

  • Dullhead Said:
I don't claim a place here any more than others. And I don't know if this site is "liberal."

I'm a conservative independant, all the way down to having supported McCain in the last election.

But personally I don't care about being "hated" by someone who would clearly rather be on SDN.

And I don't agree that everyone has a "place" here, anymore than I agree that it's "good" for the KimK's of the world to make an insane amount of money from a "career" that began as a "golden shower".